The Best Ever

Well, twas a good Friday and Saturday – for the most part…

Went and picked up my toy on Friday morning.  I was like a kid the night before Christmas…  Well, that’s not exactly true because I slept well – kids don’t tend to sleep well on Christmas Eve (or at least I didn’t).

So, I go to pick it up, no issues, no problems – imagine that eh…  Great purchase, I am so happy.  🙂

RV and FI get to my place shortly after 1pm and we head for Toronto.  First stop, the RV show.  The second RV in this paragraph refers to Recreational Vehicle – the first refers to a person (just to clarify).

I found a couple of trailers that fit into my criteria …

  1. Can be towed by my Jeep
  2. Have a shower/fridge/stove/couch
  3. Can be parked in my driveway easily
  4. Are under $15000

I think I will look for something used and the cheaper the better I guess.  I need something with a “dry weight” around 2000lbs…  Tough to find what I am looking for, but I did see a few.  I will have to go through the pamphlets and make some sort of decision…

We hit Boston Pizza for dinner after the RV show.  I tried their chili with a side of fries and a caesar salad.  It was all pretty good but not really enough for a dinner…

The Best Ever Clinic was good, well, the exhibitors were good, much better than previous years.  There were a lot of deals to be had and we took advantage of many of them.

I played a great baseball card game invented by two Montrealers – excellent job guys.  It involves strategy and a bit of luck, quite a good game.  I had to buy one, they signed the board for me – cool.  I picked up an electronic pitch count and a dry-erase clip board.  Got a Team Canada baseball jacket as well – pretty good haul…

Woke up WAY too early this morning.  I don’t sleep well in hotels…  I hit the pool for 40 minutes or so, had it to muself for most of that time.  Had a quick dip in the hot tub and then a stint in the sauna…  We were staying at the Holiday Inn on Dixon Road in TO – one might think that there would be a Starbucks or two within walking distance of the hotel.  Nope…  Not at all…  According to my GPS, the closest one was 18km away…  Oh well – really felt like a vanilla latte so I didn’t have a choice – off I went.

Breakfast was @ Perkins, their menu has really improved.  More wheeling and dealing with the exhibitors, another game of that card baseball and before I knew it, lunch time had arrived.  DV showed up, we loaded what we ordered into our cars – most of the balls, etc., have been purchased at a great discount…

Montana’s for lunch was good – nachos…  We tried their new donuts for dessert, AMAZING.  I don’t want to know how bad they are for you but wow, did they ever hit the spot.

We cut out of Toronto a bit early on Saturday – I did some more shopping in the afternoon and had a demo of a great mini-scoreboard I’ll call it – I think I will pick one up.  I also had a “tour” of a web-site service that I am going to suggest SCMBA switch to.  Excellent site indeed.

Good ride home – had some trouble keeping my speed down with the new “buggy”…

Nothing happening tonight, I am too tired to do anything but watch some TV (The Green Mile) and type out a blog entry.  Nothing going tomorrow – going to relax…


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