Busy, busy, busy…

What a busy week at work it has been… Monday was busy enough, Tuesday was busier and tomorrow is going to be insane… Oh well, the days are zipping by at the speed of light.

I was supposed to go to two meetings tonight. The first was at 6pm was with Big Brothers. I called and cancelled that meeting. I will have to reschedule it for another time. It will delay getting a “little brother” but that’s OK – I needed a break in the day.

My second meeting is a baseball meeting. I don’t typically miss baseball meetings and tonight will be no exception. RS will be set as our Secretary. I think that she will enjoy the job and she will do a good job as well I am sure. She has already done a fair amount as a favour to me so that is great. She is the best !!!

I applied for a loan today for a 2006 Grand Prix GT. By the sounds of it, I will get the loan. SR says that my credit rating is about the same as what it was 2.5 years ago when I last applied for one. Seeing as I would have the Jeep to use as collateral and the new vehicle as well, it shouldn’t be an issue.

This leads to another question really… Is there something wrong with me? Why do I need two vehicles? Well, I don’t really, I want a second one… I love the Jeep and will keep it for ages but having something that will be a bit better on long highway drives will be nice. I really regret selling the Grand AM – kick myself in the ass when I think about that… Can’t undo history though, can I?

Besides, what am I going to do with the extra income? I don’t plan on having children to leave it to… The rest of my family will likely be dead when I go – if all works out, you know… They are older than I am after all… So, I figure I might as well own some cool stuff while I am here.

Well, gotta get ready for the meeting, have a few things to do. Have a good night.


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