You will be missed, D.O.

Every week, every day perhaps it seems that someone is being let go at work. Not sure what is going on here… They are people who have been there for ages and they appear to do a good job. I don’t know for sure of course, I am in my own Department and who knows what goes on elsewhere… It is shocking anyway…

I have to wonder if there is a larger motive here. I am not in Upper Management or even Lower Management for that matter so I am not privy to anything really… I am not in fear of losing my job, I think that I do a good one and my Supervisor and Manager like what I do… It is sad to see people that you like that have been there for years let go though – life goes on and I am sure that they will succeed wherever they go.

Well, that is it for now – don’t want to write too much, not sure who is reading and who it will offend… I have had to censor some of my posts previously – don’t want to have to again… I am being a little more vague than I want to be, but, apparently free speech isn’t free, not at all… It is almost like being in some sort of communist state where one can’t freely express what they want to. What can ya do.

At any rate, DO, you WILL be missed.


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