Toronto and the Countdown …

Today is day 4 of training – that means that yesterday was day 3. The labs didn’t go that well and that is all I am planning on saying on that subject…

We leave Toronto today somewhere between noon and 2pm. I am hoping that it is closer to noon than 2 but I will take what I can.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to get home as badly as I do right now. I am not sure if I am home-sick, I doubt it, never have been or if I simply hate this city that much. I am not sleeping particularly well and I have had very little to do in the evenings. You can only walk around so much…

So yes, I want to leave. I want there to be a minimum of traffic on my way and I want to go home. How does that strike ya? 🙂

Nothing against the people that choose to live here – that is their choice (for the most part). There are aspects that I like about Toronto. I like the big buildings. I like the PATH. I like all of the restaurants, coffee shops, cafes… I hate the noise, how busy it is, how everyone is in such a hurry all the time.

This city is awful. I hate coming here, I really do. It is expensive – everything here is. My hotel room was $150 per night plus $30 per night for parking. It is a great hotel and I’d suggest that if you are staying downtown, stay here. The indoor/outdoor pool is amazing – especially this time of year. There are too many homeless people too – they sleep on the streets on top of air vents – right in the middle of the sidewalk. That is something that you don’t see a lot of in St. Catharines. Others sit in doorways with an empty coffee cup looking for change. I am not one of those people who give change – ever… I do feel bad for them but it is likely their fault that they are in that situation. I suppose at some point it could happen to any of us – who knows…

Anyway, it is just after 5am – that means if we leave at noon today I have just under 7 hours left. If I have to wait until 2pm that is 9 hours – I can handle that, I think…

I miss my dog, Zeus. He’s a good dog and I have really grown used to having him around. I am sure that Al has taken good care of him though. I think that Zeus will be happy to see me when I get home – I know that I will be happy to see him.

After class yesterday, Mike took us all out for a couple of drinks and some food. I had a couple of ammaretto and cokes – essentially making a Dr. Pepper. I had some hot wings – crispy/saucy. I then tried some of their “inferno” wings – not bad, quite a kick – helped with my stuffy head feeling. It was a little place just around the corner from the hotel, some “bike” restaurant/bar – one of those places that I am sure I would normally walk right by, but it was excellent.

Well, here is to the countdown. Wish me luck…


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