My To-Do List (second look)

From back in December, here is my to-do list: (

  • Clean the house, top to bottom INCLUDING the office

Well, I cleaned most of the house, didn’t get to everything, including the office.  I will…

  • Move the furniture in the living room – I might put the black leather sofa in the basement and buy a new futon for the living room (after Christmas though)

Completed.  The living room has been re-organized, black leather sofa is in the basement.  Haven’t purchased any new furniture yet though

  • Work on the SCMBA web site – I wanted to while away, the hotel in Washington had HORRIBLE Internet access, always dropped on me

Some of the updates have been completed – it is a work in progress

  • Get the speaker wiring issues fixed – Brian will help with this – connect my three sets of speakers throughout

Didn’t get a hold of Brian – lack of funds derailed this one for now

  • Move the bricks from Sister Joan’s here and build the bar in the basement

Delayed – Seeing as I moved my bedroom into the basement, I am not sure that I want a bar down there, do I?

  • Dispose of assorted junk – trip to the dump (before I put the seat back into the Jeep)

Not completed as yet

  • Purchase and put up either new blinds or curtains for the living room and bed room windows

Again, lack of funds has derailed this

  • Get the fireplace working – HVAC guy from work will do this (I hope)

Next week – I will get Newton to drop over if he can

That’s not too bad, is it?  I will have the list done (pending available funds) by the end of January…  You can bank on it (if it is a bloated US Bank needing a bailout)


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