Training – Day 1

Day 1 of SCCM training went very well.  SCCM stands for System Center Configuration Manager.  Basically, it is what we use at work to push software, updates and manage the computers that are connected to our network.  It is a Microsoft product but one that seems to do a pretty good job…

As I have posted, I am staying at the Hilton in downtown Toronto (Richmond Street) and the training center is just down the street, 5 minute walk.  It is in an older building and the offices are sorta loft style with hardwood floors and view of the city.  I’d love to live here and at the same time, I’d hate to live here.  I think (actually, I know) that the hate would over-rule the love…

So, we are learning quite a lot, or at least I am.  Matt likely isn’t learning as much seeing as he was involved with the setting up of the server, etc.  I wasn’t so this is all new.  It is nice that my virtual consoles are actually working too – very different…  The last time that I took training with NM my console crashed, constantly and I think that NM did something…  I know that he didn’t (did he?) but it was irritating, and funny…

I do hope to take something back to work from this anyway.  Maybe if I get ambitious I will take some MS Certification courses.  Work will pay for them and they’ll do me good.

Well, I am off for a swim in the indoor/outdoor pool.  Have a good one.


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