Off to see the Wizard of Toronto

Up early today.  I have lots to do before I head to Toronto this afternoon.  The dishwasher is running.  My laundry is pretty well set to go as soon as the dishwasher is done.  I have to vacuum and I want to wash the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Yeah. 

As some of you might have guessed, I am one of the great procrastinators in the galaxy.  Don’t know why but I always have been, likely always will be.  Today though I am actually trying to get my list done.

I had a list that I posted a while back, it had 8 items or so on it.  They were items that I wanted to get done while I was on holidays.  I don’t think that I did ANY of them.  I will have to check, but I’ll do that later…

So, as I mentioned, off to Toronto this afternoon.  I am staying at the Sheraton Downtown, a very nice hotel indeed.  The training course is supposed to be very close.  It is for SCCM, System Center Configuration Manager.  It is the program that the Region of Niagara uses to manage software delivery, software/hardware inventory, remote control sessions, etc.  It is from Microsoft and is likely expensive but it is a good program.  Our installation seems to be rather slow – maybe Matt and I will learn something to speed it up.  The remote wake-on-LAN functions don’t seem to work very well either – perhaps they will have some ideas on that too – I am hopeful.  I hope to learn the ins and outs of it anyway – we’ll see.  Apparently the company that offers the course provided excellent meals at breakfast and lunch – looking forward to that as well.  Who doesn’t like to eat?  Certainly not me.

Speaking of eating, I should go and make something, I am starving, sort of…  Actually I am going to make coffee for sure.  Bought some French Vanilla yesterday at groceries.  I think I might pick up a coffee mill and grind my own beans – my parents always did that when I was growing up – if it was good enough for them it is good enough for me I’d think.  I might get spoiled with always fresh coffee though.

More from Toronto.


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