An Upgraded Blackberry

So, I figured that a Blackberry upgrade of sorts was due.  We have a large supply of older Curve 8310 Blackberry’s so I traded my 8300 in and got an 8310.  The only major difference is that the 8310 has GSP where that isn’t available on the 8300.

I open up Blackberry Desktop Manager and start the transfer device wizard.  Seems to work great – copies all of the programs and content from my 8300 and within 45 minutes or so it is all on the 8310.  One issue though – most of the wireless functions aren’t working.

I call Rogers support – the guy is very helpful and walks me though a bunch of stuff, most of which I have already done seeing as I am in the “know” with Blackberry’s.  I wipe the device and reload the OS – still doesn’t work.  Looks like it is pooched…  Oh well.  I wonder, did MH give me a defective Blackberry on purpose just to be funny?  I doubt it, but that would be sorta funny anyway.

Anyway, seeing as the only difference is the GPS, perhaps I will stick with my 8300.  The only reason I “upgraded” was because I thought that the 8310 had more memory – not the case.  I think I will swap back today.  The other issue if I do swap for a newer device is that the PIN changes and I have to inform a bunch of people who have my old PIN about the new one – PITA.  I will have to do this anyway in September when I am eligible for a real upgrade from Rogers.

My fighting with problematic laptops hasn’t ended at work.  I think that I am winning the battle though.  Today is my last day before training – I am looking forward to it.  Can you believe that the hotel that we are staying at (Sheraton Downtown) charges $15 per night for Internet access?  That is, as a co-worker might say, pure craziness…  I am taking a Rogers Rocket Stick to get “free” Internet access.  The training should be good, I am hopeful that we will bring something worthwhile out of it.

Not too much else going on – guess I should get the day going…

UPDATE – 07:15

I have returned my SIM card into my original Blackberry 8300 and have reactivated it.  Sorry Blackberry, I shouldn’t have betrayed you.  All is well now though, everyone has been forgiven.  🙂


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