I don’t wanna be your friend…

Well, got the results back – not going to be friends…  LOL…  I don’t really care although on some plane of existence I do.  I’ve been friends with this particular person for ages – no issues, at all and now this.  Oh well, what can ya do.  If I receive an apology that might work – I doubt that will happen.  Tough shit I suppose.

The day was a busy one – I hate computers…  I am sure that I’ve said that before.  I am working on a few laptops that don’t want to cooperate – at all.  I’ll figure them out – give me some more time…

I sold my iPod Touch.  I guess when you start with a Blackberry you can’t go back to an iPod – I will NEVER purchase or use an iPhone – no way, NEVER.  I prefer my iPod video.  First off it has a capacity of 80GB which is 10x what the Touch has.  Second, I know exactly how to use it.  I couldn’t connect the Touch to the network @ work, couldn’t sync my address book or calendar, couldn’t this, couldn’t that.  I got exactly what I paid for it so I am happy.  At least I tried it, now I know…  I tried skiing once, didn’t like that either.

Went to the Mandarin tonight with Sister Joan and Dave.  Good food, too much of it of course.  I am now in shutdown mode.  I am tired and won’t be up too much longer.  Good night.

UPDATE – Friday, January 8

I received an email from H – he apologized, all is well now.  🙂


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