Am I a Gypsy?

A friend of mine asked me if I am part gypsy.  I don’t think I am but who knows.  I moved out of my child-hood home when I was 24.  Between 24 and 34, I moved 12 times I think it was in total.  Yes, 12 times.  Now, I have been in my current house for 3 years 4 months – that is a record for me.

The gypsy comment was due to the fact that I keep re-arranging my place.  I moved my bedroom down to the basement again and the “bedroom” is being used as, well, I’m not sure yet…  Thanks DB for your assistance by the way – it is much appreciated.

I have actually pretty well decided that I am done moving.  I like it here.  Everything is here that I need, it has a great back yard, good driveway, access to a few stores and is quick to get almost anywhere in the city.  I want to buy the place but the owner doesn’t really want to sell it just yet – oh well, I will keep on bugging him and see where it goes.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for Wednesday morning, 6th of January.  My only other thought is about what will occur at work today with my co-worker.  I am hopeful that all will be well but at the moment I doubt it – I don’t really care all that much – you know me…  🙂

PS:  You might have noticed that ALL of my posts now have proper titles.  I decided to add one yesterday and then figured that I might as well go back through 52 entries and add a title to each.  I am glad that I didn’t decide to do that a year from now – it took me long enough as it was.  So, I read or skimmed anyway each entry and picked an appropriate title.  Might be useful if I am actually looking for something a year from now.  Maybe if this blog ever gets published they can be sub-chapter headings?


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