Relaxing Saturday…

Today was a relaxing day…  I went to bed last night @ 8:20pm – couldn’t stay awake…  I guess I am getting too old for all nighters now.  I woke up for about an hour at midnight, slept until 6am or so and then took Zeus for his first walk of the year…  Went back to bed for a couple of hours, got back up, went out for lunch, shopping at the Pen then another nap…  That is how Saturdays should be, no?

Nothing going on tonight at all.  I am keeping a low profile.  The Bills game tomorrow will be good.

Right now, watching the Swiss play Russia – the Swiss were up 1-0 and then boom, within a minute it was 2-1 for Russia.  Maybe it’ll be Russia vs. Canada tomorrow.  Kicking some Communist ass will be nice – ok, the Russian’s aren’t really Commies anymore, are they…  Oh well – it sounds good though.

Tonight, the Leaves go to Calgary to get burned.  Why haven’t the Leaves folded yet?  I mean, give it up.  There are teams that have sucked longer than them, but seriously…  Oh well – hopefully the Flames will start 2010 on a positive note.

I am also hopeful that the Bills will start 2010 on a positive note although they have not really been a threat for the playoffs for some time.  The game is against Indy.  It will be interesting seeing as Indy has nothing to prove – they lost last week (for some stupid reason the coach pulled the starters and lost – they were working on a perfect season) so perhaps their starters will be sitting.  It is going to be COLD, the forecast high is -12 with heavy snow.  Should be fun.  Gotta wear layers for sure…  I am sure my feet and hands will be cold.  Oh well, I’ll have a good time anyway.

So, tonight seems like it will be a hockey night – that’s ok with me.

I quit smoking on New Years Eve.  I have had a few cravings, having one right now actually.  The first few days are the worse.  After that, it is a piece of cake.  Right now, I really want one – I will resist though.  I disagree with the Borg, resistance is NOT futile.  It’ll pass…

Maybe I will go and get a drink – that should help…

Until tomorrow…


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