New Years Eve

New Years Eve was a blast.  The food was excellent and there was a ton of it.  Roast turkey, beef on a bun, salads – more food than we could eat, that’s for sure.  Cheesecake and ice cream cake for dessert.

The World Juniors played, it was Team Canada versus Team USA.  Canada took the early lead with the US quickly catching up and by mid-point of the third period the Americans were ahead 4-2 with two short handed goals.  It was looking grim for Canada.  The winner of the game went on directly to the semi-finals with the loser having to play an extra game.  Canada scored two more goals (one short handed) to even it up with the US with less than two minutes to go.

Everyone at the party figured that the game would end in a tie with Canada advancing to the semi’s because of the lop-sided win we had in game 1.  Nope – 5 minute OT coming up.  No one scores during the over time so we head to a shootout.

Canada shoots first and scores, the US follows suit.  This continues until Canada has scored 3, the US 2 needing their final shot to count.  The Canadian goalie stop the shot and Canada wins the game by a final score of 5-4.

Simply an amazing game if you are a fan of Team Canada.  You can’t get much more dramatic than that.  Canada now advances to the semi-finals.

We play a computer version of $25,000 pyramid in teams and when we play guys against girls, we, the men, kick some female ass.  Of course we did, was there any doubt?  Nope.

I guess at some point I fell asleep on a REALLY comfy couch.  Woke up with most of the people gone at 4am.  I felt just fine, well tired, but fine so I head home.  Apparently, I am too damn old to be staying up all night.  I went to bed around 4:30am and woke up at 8:30am – 4 hours doesn’t cut it.  I felt like a zombie all morning – went back to bed around 11:30 and didn’t get back up until after 3…

So, I suppose that I shouldn’t stay up all night any more – likely a good idea.

In closing, have a happy new year all, hoping that 2010 is a good one for everyone.


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