Computer Work @ Home

Hmmm, I only have one week left of vacation.  That sorta sucks I guess.  I think I might need to be retrained when I go back to work.  I needed assistance setting up a free iTunes account – couldn’t figure it out for some reason, one of those days.

So, I give J&D a certificate to reimage their computer and reload their software.  I go over at 4pm, back-up their files, etc., and start to reinstall Windows XP.  Windows installed, slowly mind you but eventually I am able to log in.  I start to download Windows updates.  All goes well there until after Service Pack 2 installs.  The computer reports that the NTLoader is corrupt or missing.  Nice.  I restart with the CD in the drive again and ask to do a repair.  Now the computer boots into Windows.  OK, that’s good.  Let’s install Service Pack 3.  I just received a phone call that the same error comes up after SP3 installs…  Again, nice.

Well, I suggested to them that buying a new PC might be the best option.  This computer is likely 7 years old, maybe 8.  It doesn’t have a DVD reader so I can’t install Office nor Symantec – both are on DVDs…  We drive to MDG at about 6:30pm, they are closed although their posted hours report open until 7:30.  We drop into Future Shop – not much of a selection there for sure.  We also try Costco, again, small selection.

We take a look at MDG online and also Dell online – nice systems, perhaps a bit pricy is all.

What a fun day…  At any rate, I guess that I will finish up tomorrow or help Sister Joan purchase a new system.  BP called and said he doesn’t think he can go over the river shopping as he’s come home sick.  That’s ok, didn’t really feel like going anyway…

So, hopefully all will be well tomorrow.  Yeah, right…


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