I was a GOOD BOY

Well, I must have been a good boy this year, Santa got me everything that I asked for. 

  1. iPod Touch 8GB
  2. iPod Docking Station
  3. H20 Mop
  4. H20 Mop Refils
  5. Dilbert Calendar
  6. Various little things

The new iPod Touch was from Zeus, well, Zeus and Santa, well, I wrote that on the tag, I bought it for myself).  J&D got me the docking station and the H20 mop – going to love that for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.  It will almost make cleaning pleasureable – ok, that is a stretch.  The Dilbert Calendar was from RS – thanks RS and again, you’ll be MISSED.  What a mistak that was – canning your ass I mean…

I drove to Toronto yesterday to pick up Barb and bring her down here for Christmas – what a good brother eh?  I am returning her to the insane city this afternoon.  Actually, the drive there yesterday was a pleasure.  There was very little traffic on the roads and Toronto was a ghost town.  Mind you, I arrived in Toronto around 8:30am on Christmas Day – not surprising that the roads were dead.  All I saw were police and TTC buses and streetcars.

This was the first year that Rob and I missed our Christmas Day coffee – he was too busy with his duties.  Too bad…  I am sure we’ll try again next year – see what happens when you get married?  🙂

This morning I picked Dave up at 5:45 so that we could head off to Best Buy.  MISTAKE…  The parking lot was jammed at 6am when we arrived and the line-up was HUGE – wrapped around the building by the looks of it.  So, instead, we head to Future Shop.  Not quite as busy, no line to get in, pretty crowded once inside.  I picked up a new N band wireless router that was 60% off.  My current router needs to be reset a few times a week which I find VERY annoying.  Does anything not annoy me?  Doubt it…

Now I am home, watching Canada’s Worst Driver 5 – the season finale.  I watched the entire season this year, great show.  Discovery Channel is awesome.  I think Angelina will be the WORST.  The other two are bad as well, but not as bad as she is…

SCMBA has a Bingo at 9:30 this morning – offered to volunteer at that one a while back – figured what would I be doing on Boxing Day morning anyway…

So, that is a wrap-up on the last day and a half or so.  Have a good Boxing Day – get out there for some deals and help the economy.  Later 🙂


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