To Do List

Another early start.  I must be getting old…  I am always getting up early and going to bed early as well.  I went to bed shortly after 9pm last night – mind you, the trip south tired me out.  Tired Zeus out as well, he has been doing a LOT of sleeping… 

He was happy to go for a walk in HIS neighbourhood this morning though, he ate some food last night and this morning as well so that is good.  I am going to take him to the “doggie dentist” in the New Year – I am sure he’ll love that…  Actually, they will knock him out when they do the work, I can imagine that a dog wouldn’t be very cooperative when having their teeth looked at.  Hopefully they won’t find any issues – he still is sensitive around his mouth.  Good thing for pet insurance, it is covered.  Take a look at if you are looking for insurance – highly recommend it.

So, I am on holidays until January 4 so that is two weeks.  I have tons of stuff that I intend on doing while I am off.  Here is a short list:

  1. Clean the house, top to bottom INCLUDING the office
  2. Move the furniture in the living room – I might put the black leather sofa in the basement and buy a new futon for the living room (after Christmas though)
  3. Work on the SCMBA web site – I wanted to while away, the hotel in Washington had HORRIBLE Internet access, always dropped on me
  4. Get the speaker wiring issues fixed – Brian will help with this – connect my three sets of speakers throughout
  5. Move the bricks from Sister Joan’s here and build the bar in the basement
  6. Dispose of assorted junk – trip to the dump (before I put the seat back into the Jeep)
  7. Purchase and put up either new blinds or curtains for the living room and bed room windows
  8. Get the fireplace working – HVAC guy from work will do this (I hope)

OK – that list isn’t too bad.  I’ll check back on January 3, 2010 and see what I did get done and what I still need to do.  Maybe a good New Years Resolution would be to stop being so DAMN LAZY with regards to working around the house.  Yeah, good idea.  Wonder how long I will be able to keep that one…  I also want to get back to the Y in the New Year AND I am thinking about taking drum lessons.  Can someone teach me to read music?  Maybe Robyn?

Well, more later – I am going to head to work soonly…  Got some stuff to take care of…


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