Grove City, PA

Good morning – Again, not sure why I am up so darn early, oh well…

Drove from Washington, DC to Grove City, PA yesterday.  It was a 300 mile trip.  A 300 mile trip should have taken approximately 5 hours.  I left at 10:30am (might have been a bit earlier) and didn’t arrive at Grove City until 7pm.  The problem?  Snow…

Mind you, the roads weren’t that bad really.  The DC area (and, as it appeared, the State of Maryland) have NO CLUE when it comes to snow removal.  As SOON as I entered Pennsylvania the roads were great.  Started picking up some time.

I was supposed to head south to Charleston, SC yesterday.  Kim didn’t want to risk the weather.  It was sorta funny, people in the DC area were truly panicking over the snow.  You could tell from the way they were talking.  I stopped in at a Wal-Mart on Friday evening, before the snow started and the grocery shelves were picked clean.  It was comical actually.  When I left, there was probably about 6″ of snow on the ground.

I could have gone to Charleston on my own.  Figured it would likely be raining and miserable and I would have probably had some freezing rain on the way – that wouldn’t have been fun.  So instead, I figured that I would head for home and save some $$$.  Grove City has an excellent Outlet Mall that I plan on visiting today, get some Christmas shopping done.  I might even stay tonight and head for home tomorrow.

Well, Zeus likely wants to go out.  I think he’s looking forward to going home.  He hasn’t eaten much on the trip but he is still active, etc…  He’s had more than his share of biscuits and denta-sticks though and lots of water.  He’ll be OK – he’s on vacation…  🙂


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