Crappy Internet @ the Hotel…

OK, let’s see if my Internet connection in the hotel will stay active long enough to make an entry…  The Internet sucks here…  Oh well…

Day two down here was yesterday.  Started early, not sure why I was up at 5:30am but I was.  Decided to go to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  Very cool indeed.  I will post some pictures.  You don’t realize how big the space shuttle is until you are standing next to it.  Great displays – lots of planes, jets, etc.  They had a concorde, an SR-71 (stealth bomber), several fighters…  Admission was free, parking was $15.  Going back to the hotel was a LONG trip – for some reason I wasn’t able to drive any faster than about 5kph.  Again, oh well…

Went to a place called Mike’s American Grill – AMAZING food.  I had jumbalaya – excellent, excellent, excellent.  It is almost worth the drive down here just for the food.

Today I am planning on touring the DC area – there is a bus tour that you can get on and off as often as you want – sounds good.  It is a cold day though, high of -4 or something.

Speaking of cold, they have posted a winter storm warning.  The DC area is supposed to get up to 5″ of snow.  Oh no, the city will be closed.  What will I ever do?  Do we even send plows out when we get 5″ of snow?  LOL  I am sure that the people down here will totally forget how to drive with snow on the ground which is a scary thing…  They can’t seem to drive on dry pavement.

Leaving tomorrow for Charleston, SC.  It will surely get a bit warmer as we head south but the forecast is calling for mid-teens.  Not too bad for this time of year – better than the temps back home I am sure.

Anyway, more later 🙂


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