Trip to Toronto…

What a day Saturday was…  My sister moved into a new place, great.  We decided to bring her a futon for her living room.  For some odd reason, my brother in law wants to go to Toronto leaving St. Catharines at 7am.  I do like to sleep in on occasion, although since I was up at 5:30am today, not sure when that happens any more…

So, we disassemble the frame and load it into his car.  We cram the mattress into my Jeep and off we go.  We get to Toronto, no real issues and we are setting it up.  Where the hell are the locking brackets that the screws connect to?  I take a look in the car, not there.  OK, off we go to Home Depot – thankfully someone invented GPS’s that can search for stores, etc.  An hour later we return, finish setting it up – Dave is outa there – can’t blame him, I hate Toronto too… 

Barb and I take some stuff to storage and pick some new stuff up.  Do a little grocery shopping and I realize that I don’t think ANYONE who drives in the city of Toronto actually knows how to drive.

Anyway, I just want to get back to St. Catharines where it seems normal…  I’ve driven in some big cities in the US, New York, LA, Vegas – I never seemed to see the craziness I see in TO.  Oh well, at least I am not there on a regular basis.

I get back to St. Kitts around 1:30.  I zip up to the Pen to get a new pair of glasses that are ready.  A new store has opened and they sell designer frames.  I bought a pair of Oakley glasses, look pretty good and my plan at work covers $350 of the $400 they cost.  The guy gave me a pretty good deal too.  I think I saved $79 off the regular price.  It did come to $412 originally and I asked him to lower it to $400…  I must have picked up some of my negotiation skills from my Dad.  I don’t think he ever paid full price for anything…

The rest of the afternoon is sort of a blur – I should have had a nap but I didn’t.  I LOVE Saturday afternoon naps, they are a good thing. 

Dave came over for dinner – Joan was at a Christmas party for her work, not sure why Dave didn’t want to go, but hey, his choice…

Anyway, pretty well brings me to today.  Again, no idea why I am up at 5:30, well now it is 6:11…  I have to drop into a baseball meeting at 10 in the Falls and then will likely go to work for a bit and do some unpacking.  We’ve moved into a new area and I think it’ll be great all of us being under one roof.

I have only two more days of work to get as many requests caught up on that I can.  I have about 20 remaining in my list – gotta try to shave that down…

Anyway, have a good Sunday all – gotta head to Church…  LOL, right, me at church…


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