Happy 50th Birthday Craig

Today is my brothers 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday Craig.  He isn’t much on birthdays and we don’t really talk either – I did call him last year and I had to add “your brother” when I said it was Kevin calling…  Oh well, we were never close at all and he lives in Edmonton (as far as I am aware).  At any rate, I hope the first 50 turn into another 50 🙂

IT moved at work today into our new area.  Very nice digs I think.  It’ll be good to have everyone in the same area for once.

The weekend is here and only two more working days until I am on vacation.  The weather today was rather cold for mid-December, it is currently -5 degrees C.  That would be 20 farfegnovun for your old school people.  I am heading to South Carolina so I am sure it’ll be about 20 degrees warmer there – perhaps more?  I am hopeful anyway.

Nothing really planned this weekend for sure. I think that my brother-in-law and I will be heading to Toronto with a futon for my sister as she doesn’t have anything to sleep on in her new place.  Other than that, I am planning on taking it easy, perhaps sleeping in tomorrow.  Breakfast out with J&D on Sunday perhaps?  I’ve been better about eating out recently – of course, I was trying to save some $$$ for my trip.

Have a good Friday night.


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