Loan Shark? Not really…

Well, dropped by Sister Joans for a loan.  Did you know that Sister Joan does loans?  Bet ya didn’t.  Anyway, I can get my windshield replace tomorrow – that’ll be good.  Damn dump truck and damn rocks.  Here is to hoping that the correct decision will be made on reinbursement with the repair costs.  Who knows…  I do have to decide though that if it isn’t paid for, what do I do?  A few options – I can refuse to use my vehicle for work.  That seems the most likely option to me.  I don’t think that I will get any support from co-workers but I might be surprised.  Hopefully I don’t have to go down that road.

Had plans to go for coffee with Rob.  He backed out – busy with work stuff.  That’s OK though.  Another night.

Anyway, ranted about today’s events with a couple of other people.  No details on here though, don’t want to offend little people who think that their shit doesn’t stink – I’ve got news for ya, all shit stinks.  I am under the firm belief that most women can’t and shouldn’t be put into any sort of authority position.  They can’t handle any power.  There are exceptions to the rule of course and I know a few good examples.  Others however turn into rancid bitches – you know who you are so stop reading my blog.

I am hoping that my current rant will be over by the time I get back from Christmas holidays.  We’ll see.

For now, I am off – bed calls and it is a call that I don’t want to miss.


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