Blog Mods – Yeah, there is no censorship in Canada…

Today was the begining of the last full week before I am off until January 4.  I am going to enjoy my time off…

I have had to make some modifications to my blog as faithful readers will see (if you go back over old posts).  Comments that were deemed “unacceptable” comments deleted by author have been deleted.  I have also locked down my Twitter account (  Quite the shame that freedom of speech doesn’t seem to actually work in our Country.  If you REALLY want to see my Tweets, you’ll have to open an account and request to follow me.  I may or may not allow this depending on your possible affiliation with the Regime. 

So, now that I have to watch what I say, I guess I will find new and interesting ways of saying it… 

Anyway, as I tweeted (is that the correct word), FU CC DP DB.  Does anyone know what those 4 sets of initials stand for?  Well, I do and hopefully when I read this again in late 2010 I will remember as well.  Comments removed by author. To heck with them anyway…  I still live in what I consider a free Country, the greatest in the World, Canada.  Mind you, I have only been to the US so I don’t have much to compare it to.

So, that is it for now.  I am heading out for a coffee?  That’s still allowed, isn’t it?

Good night and keep well.


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