DT Sunday

A double-time Sunday.  Had to work from 8am-11am, setting up computers in ICP at work.  Pretty easy work really.  Matt (the Energizer Bunny) and Deb worked with me.  Matt just motors along which is why we finished so quickly.  Oh well, 3 hours at DT is 6 hours off another day so I’ll take it.

I had great plans of doing dishes, laundry and cleaning this afternoon – that didn’t quite come true.  I took a look at a co-workers house that he is selling.  It is a really nice place, truly move-in ready.  The only issue is the size of the house –  it was quite small.  Big enough for me of course but perhaps not for all of my stuff.  I’d have to use one end of the living room as a dining room, not a big deal.  I think I’d use the basement as a living room anyway, either that or a bedroom.  Two bedrooms upstairs, not too big though.  In the master, I’d fit my bed but not much else.  The other room could have my dressers, etc in it.  The basement would then be the rec-room and the living room wouldn’t get used too often.  HUGE back yard, nice garage too.  It would be good to be able to put the Jeep in the garage in the summer when the roof and doors are off.  It also has a nice deck.  The owner has truly taken good care of it.  The asking price is $169000 so the mortgage would be manageable.  Who knows – something to think about anyway…

So, I get home from that (after spending 1/2 hour or so at Anthony’s place) and I have good plans to do the housework that I mentioned.  Ummm, no – I had a nap instead.  Then, as I posted on Twitter (http://twitter.com/kevinrdarcy) it was Rob’s fault that I didn’t get anything done because he MADE me go for a coffee.  Oh well.  Editors Note:  I have had to make my Twitter account private for reasons that I cannot discuss as it may be a violation of something or other.

So, now that I am home I will have to eat and do dishes and likely laundry – everything else will have to wait.  No idea why I delay for so long on stuff that has to be done, no idea at all…

Anyway, this week will be crazy at work.  I have 4.5 days to get everything done before I am off for the Christmas holidays.  It is going to take at least a half day to pack my crap for the umpteenth time for our move into our new area next week.  Next week won’t be any better.  Monday will be unpacking day.  We have our Corporate Services event on Tuesday morning until noon so that leaves 1/2 of a day on Tuesday to wrap up everything else.  Good thing that Anthony will take on anything else that I can’t get to.  He is working over the holidays so he needs somethint to keep himself busy.

More on that later.


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