Damn Dump Trucks

Hmmm…  I forgot to make an entry on Wednesday – BAD Kevin.  A lot happened yesterday, can’t believe that I forgot my entry…

It was a busy day at work.  I was driving all over, started in Thorold to Welland to Port Colborne and the back to Welland.  I was leaving Welland at 4:20pm or so on my back to Regional HQ.  Driving down the 406, there was a dump truck in front of me.  Anyway, I was about 200m behind him and a rock the size of, oh, my fist perhaps hit my windshield causing a rather large crack.  I was pissed…

I get back to work, unload my Jeep and head home at 5pm – an hour after my normal quitting time.

Once home, I figure that I will call my insurance company to see what the deductible is for a broken windshield.  I have Intact Insurance, formally ING.  I went with ING because the rates seemed pretty good.  Anyway, turns out that my premiums suck – more on that later.

I call the 800 number and after navigating my way through their automated system, I get some guy speaking French.  He does speak English however and when I give him my policy number he states that he can’t access an Ontario policy – he’s in Montreal.  He is helpful, gives me another 800 number to call.  I do and it is some sort of number for agents – guess what, I am NOT an agent…  I call back, get another Montrealer who also can’t assist.  I ask, “isn’t this a 24/7 number as it claims on my insurance slip?”.  He says he can’t help me.  I ask, “what if my car is totalled on the side of the road?”, again, he can’t help – I hang up…

I decide, well, let’s see how much this is going to cost to get replaced.  I call Apple Auto Glass, a pretty big company.  The phone rings and rings and rings.  It is about 5:30pm at this point.  Perhaps they are closed.  No answering machine though…  I call another place, no answer.  I call another one, Speedy Glass.  They have 24/7 support AND they speak English. 

As for price, remember, I drive a 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ.  The windshield is pretty small, 2 feet high, 4 feet wide.  I didn’t know what to expect…  The cost is only $310 or so – not too bad at all.  If only my insurance company could tell me what my deductible is.

Uneventful rest of the evening for the most part – I go to bed too late though.

I call Intact again at 7am.  Got another French dude but he can access my policy – AMAZING.  My deductibe is $300 – remember how much the windshield is?  $310…  So, guess that I am paying the entire cost.

I speak to my Manager at work – since I was on work business I figure work should pay for the windshield.  If they don’t, why should I drive my vehicle for work.  Anyway, he is a good guy and I think he’ll get that part done.

So, I have to replace the windshield ASAP.  The crack is getting bigger and it needs to be changed.  As faithful readers know, I am heading to S. Carolina in a couple of weeks.  I really can’t afford an extra $300 right now and still head south.  At the moment, I have no idea how this will all play out.

That brings me to today – Thursday, December 3.  Nothing out of the ordinary today, computers that don’t want to do what they are supposed to, but that is par for the course.  I am covering Regional Council tonight and additional comments deleted by author.

That’s it for now.  More later…


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