Too many Restaurants

OK, I admit it.  I eat out at restaurants and get take-out WAY TOO OFTEN.  I should start eating at home more and more home cooked stuff.  It’s not that I eat bad stuff out but I have to stop.  I should calculate how much I spend on food, I am sure I’d be amazed…

Perhaps that can be a New Years resolution.  They are easy to break…  🙂

So, back to today I suppose.  Typical Monday, drove all over St. Catharines putting out various fires.  Makes the day go by quickly.  Didn’t seem to get a lot accomplished this afternoon, but, it went by quickly too.

The IT Christmas lunch is tomorrow.  Should be a good meal – Dom’s always does a good job.  We have 40+ people going.  What a difference between a dinner (15 people) and lunch.  Comment deleted by author.

I picked up 6 tickets to the March 20 Canadian Pink Floyd show in Toronto at the Opera House.  I have never been to that particular venue before, hopefully it’ll be a good show.  I saw the Australian Pink Floyd Show a few years back now and it was amazing.  I am expecting greatness at this one as well.  The tickets were just under $40 each which is pretty good.

When I was at Best Buy yesterday I saw the DVD set for The Shield.  If anyone is looking for a gift for me for Christmas, please pick it up.  🙂

I don’t think that there is much else going on this week.  I suppose I’ll report it if there is.

Out.  🙂


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