An interesting day at work today.  Not necessarily with the work part, but in what happened in general. 

A change in IT, the Manager of PMO is no longer with us, Neil was promoted to her position on a temporary basis at least – congrats Neil. 

The IT Christmas Dinner was cancelled – out of a Department of 60 or so people only 15 were going to attend.  Now, some people couldn’t attend because they have kids and no sitters or other plans on the night, etc., etc.  Some didn’t want to attend for other reasons.  I wasn’t going to attend for other reasons…

So, now the Christmas Dinner will be a Christmas Lunch – still at Dom’s Downtown comment removed by author so that should cause more people to want to attend.  I’ll go as long as a certain other person goes as well – who doesn’t want comment deleted by author.  If I stayed at work, I’d have to do something…  LOL

In general, I think the attitude of the staff is negative due to a certain person NOT getting a certain job.  I am sure that will eventually go away, although it was still wrong as far as I am concerned.

So, that was the day. 

Tonight I plan on cleaning my office at home.  I am sure that I have written about that before – it hasn’t happened as yet.  Who knows if I’ll get to it tonight or not…  I am heading out later for a coffee with friends.  I hope to find an hour between now and then and straighten some stuff up in there.  I’ve been in my current house for a record (doesn’t include my childhood home) 3 years 2 months now.  The previous record was 2 years in a tiny little house – literally.  I am not sure what the square footage was, I am guessing 20×20, perhaps 25×25 but I doubt it was that large.  Years ago it used to be a large garage and was converted into a little house.  It was fine for one person but I stored all my stuff at my Dad’s place.  Anyway, moved into a larger place with a backyard which is good for Zeus.  I’d like to buy it, but, Frank isn’t ready to sell.  Oh well, perhaps he’ll change his mind in time.  For now, I’ll stay here, I’m happy and it has everything I need.  The rent isn’t bad and the place is great.  Wish I could get the fireplace pilot lit mind you – that sorta sucks.  I should try it again soon and if I can’t get it going someone at work can get it going.  Perhaps there is a spider web or something in the gas line – who knows…

Anyway, longer post tonight by the looks.  I am out.  🙂


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