No Christmas Party?

Not a bad Monday as far as Mondays go.  Work went by quickly enough, not too busy, not too slow.  Nothing too exciting, it will start to slow down until Christmas at this point…

The IT Christmas party is coming up, December 1.  I sorta organized it, we are having it at Dom’s Downtown.  Heather puts on a great buffet for sure.  I decided today that I am not going.  A few of the people at work that I like aren’t going.  The rest, really don’t have any need to spend extra time with…  No offense but at least I didn’t name them by name.

Someone decided that he/she isn’t going, I am not surprised.  He/She has gotten pretty well screwed over as far as I am concerned.  I hope that the new person works out but I will miss ya.  At least I will be moving downstairs so I won’t have to interact with the new person at all.  I hope she fails, miserably…  LOL…  I know, evil, but that’s ok.

So, no Christmas party for me next week.  It’ll save me $30 – I can use the extra $$$ for my trip.  I will still participate in the gift exchange thing – the gifts go to charity so that is a good idea.

Got pizza & wings from Duff’s tonight – awesome food there.  Bob runs a good place – if you are in St. Catharines, I’d recommend it.



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