Hump Day

Hump-day they call it, Wednesdays…  Busy day @ work today, the day flew by.  Hardware to replace all over the place.  Too many programs to reinstall – what fun…

Just sitting at home for the evening, taking it easy.  My sister called, she is at the emergency department of the hospital.  She is having some sort of chest pains, hopefully nothing serious.  She will give me an update later on tonight.

Two more work days this week – it is supposed to rain tomorrow 😦  Well, I guess it is better than snow anyway, too early for snow unless you are one of those skiing fanatics.

Anyway, that’s it for now – over and out.  🙂

22:36 UPDATE – Sister is stil at the hospital, been there since 5pm or so…  Should hopefully find out shortly what’s going on.  Spent a 1/2 hour at her house to let her dog out – Chloe, dalmation, pretty good dog, seem to love me for some odd reason.  Zeus of course was sniffing all over when I got home – who’s that dog you were playing with…  🙂


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