Keeping busy…

Well, it is almost the middle of August, so, what’s been happening?

Well, not a lot really.  I turned 45 this week.  It doesn’t seem much different, or any different really than when I was 30 or so.  I worked on my birthday, didn’t ask for the day off, why bother, work was busy, the day zoomed by.  Went out for dinner to Montana’s, good food, even had chocolate cake for dessert.  Thanks SS for dinner.

Baseball is done.  The Indians ended up winning the AAA Championship for Babe Ruth, clobbering the Angels two games straight.  In AA, the Giants cleaned up and I was asked to give out medallions for the A Championship and saw the Orioles blow away their competition.  All in all, some good ball.

I won’t be coach Fall Ball this year by the looks of it.  I may assist if I am around but I didn’t want to commit if I am going to be away.  More on possibly going away later.

Work has been busy, very busy actually.  The days go by quickly which is nice.  No boredom here.

It is the weekend, well, will be in a few hours.  Enjoy yours.

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You have to love Microsoft…

I have an older laptop, 4 years old now that I installed Windows 10 on some time ago.  I used to use it often, although it is slow since it only has 4GB of memory.  I have not used it since I have been in my new place, 8 months now.

So, I go to log in.  For those of you unfamiliar with Windows 10, you no longer have a local account, you set it up with an existing email address and a password that doesn’t necessarily match the email password…  I have no idea what password I used on it, I tried all of my standard ones, none of them worked.

So, after fumbling around Microsoft’s support site, I finally find how to reset it.  They can send a code to your cell phone or email address.  I get a code to my phone and type it into the form on Microsoft’s site, doesn’t do anything, the site just sits there.  I try a few more times, same thing.

So, now I am thinking it is because I am using Google Chrome since Internet Explorer sucks.  I try in IE, same issue.

I fumble around on their site looking for actual support.  I am able to open a chat with a tech and after waiting a few minutes, I get someone.  He’s fairly helpful, if not a bit slow in responding.

After chatting for 10 minutes, I am told that there is an issue with the site, since yesterday apparently and he doesn’t know when it will be fixed.  So, essentially, the only way to reset the password to access my computer is not available and you don’t know when it will be fixed?  Thanks.

I now have Ubuntu on my laptop.  Fuck off Microsoft…

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The off season…

It is now officially the “off season”.  It is weird, it is only the middle of July and baseball has wrapped up.  Now, had we made the playoffs and gone deep, we could be playing until the end of the month, but still, early when compared to ball in Ontario.

We start around the same time, outside that is, end of April.  Season kicks off in early May and runs 2 months.  The season flew by, that’s for sure.

So, I will have the rest of the month off, as well as August.  I need to decide if I want to coach Fall Ball.  That is a possibility.

I also have to decide what I am doing next year.  I am sure I will return to the Board, I would like a different job though.  If I don’t coach, I know, or am pretty sure anyway, that I will miss it.  There are other coaching options in the city, for sure.

Team parties are upcoming, no firm plans as to what we will do as yet.  Coaches meeting is scheduled as well.  This year and the future needs to be discussed.

I suppose I will try to enjoy my off time.  More time to take the dogs to the park and take it easy.  Sounds relaxing…

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AA’s wrapped up…

The AA Rockies made the playoffs this year, they lost their first game in a rain shortened affair on Sunday by a score of 5-3.  Last night, a rare double header was scheduled so the pressure was on to win back to back.  It didn’t quite work out that way…

They dropped an 8-3 decision ending the season.  It was a good run and the first AA Rockies team that has made the playoffs in the three years that I have been club manager.

So, now the off-season officially starts for us.  It is early in the summer for sure, but that is how it works in Alberta.  Back in Ontario, we’d still be playing ball for another 6 weeks or so.

I have not decided if I will be coaching Fall Ball this year or not.  I haven’t actually decided if I will continue on to next year at this point, although I am leaning towards returning.  Decisions to be made for sure.

All that is left for this season will be wrap-up get-togethers with the players.  I think the AAA team will be having a BBQ, not sure what the AA’s plan on doing.

All in all, it was a good season.  I think everyone enjoyed it, haven’t gotten any complaints as yet, anyway.

Until next season…

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End of our season…

I last blogged that the AAA season came down to one game versus the Dodgers, that was on July 3, nearly 2 weeks ago.  In that time span, we’ve been rained out a total of 4 times.  We played a total of 3 innings in that time span as well.

Well, last evening, we finally got the game in.  We didn’t have much, if any, rain during the day and the forecast wasn’t calling for any rain until after 9pm or so.  The skies didn’t look overly friendly, but we didn’t get any rain.

We had a slow start.  We got rocked for a bunch of runs and trailed 8-1 in the game.  Although we did make a valiant attempt, we fell short and lost by a score of 8-5, thus, ending our play-off hopes.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable season.  The guys on the AAA club were great, got along with one another and even though we didn’t have a winning season, I think everyone enjoyed it and we had some good player development.

The travel clubs are now away for a week and then we’ll get together for a team party.  Not sure where, but we’ll get together.  And, as they say, there is always next season.

On a more positive note, the AA’s won their elimination game versus the Indians by the a score of 6-1.  Weather permitting, they start their first round of play-offs this evening.  The weather forecast for today, and the weekend, does not look good.

Hopefully they will come alive and go deep into play-offs.  Best of luck AA Rockies.

I haven’t made a decision about next year, but I am leaning towards returning.  Of course I am, baseball is part of who I am and what I do.  I think I’d be pretty bored if I don’t return.  This was my 25th year coaching, between fastball and baseball.  It has been a pretty good run.  Let’s do another 25 maybe…

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All comes down to one game…

The AAA Rockies lost in extra innings, for the second time this season, to the Angels making our route to the playoffs a little more difficult. We play the Dodgers in our final makeup game on Wednesday. It is a do or die situation. Should we win, we still need plenty of help to make the playoffs. The Dodgers have 3 remaining games (including the one against us) and they’ll have to lose at least one other the other two. I don’t like that our fate isn’t in our hands, but we’ve had our chances.

So, Wednesday all of the chips are on the table and I certainly hope our season does not end.

Nothing going on this long weekend, no baseball, no nothing. Had a couple of relaxing days. Hope your Canada Day was a good one and for those of you who are American, Happy 4th of July tomorrow.

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Baseball and Canada Day

The weather this past weekend did not cooperate for baseball.  It rained Friday night and into Saturday morning and the park was closed.  Our (meaning the AAA Rockies) last game against the Dodgers was rained out, postponed.  This game, when replayed, will likely determine who finishes in fourth place and makes the playoffs and who finishes in fifth place and is out.  We both have some games remaining which may change the outcome as well, it’ll likely come down to the wire though.  I am guessing that the game will be made-up early next week since the travel teams are away for the long weekend.  We played Sunday, an exhibition game, against Edmonton and won 14-4.  Nice to keep the momentum going with two wins in a row.

The AA’s did play Sunday evening against the Giants.  It was a great game with the good guys coming out on top by a score of 13-3.

This is the Canada Day weekend.  No ball for me, I will enjoy some time off.  The weather forecast doesn’t look great though, which sucks.  I hope we don’t have anywhere near as much rain as it looks like.  This is quite the change from when I coached in Ontario and would undoubtedly be at a tournament over the Canada Day weekend.  In all honesty, I don’t miss travel ball.  I like having no more than a 20 minute trip to the park.

Enjoy your long weekend.  To the travel teams head to the US and to Medicine Hat, best of luck.


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Great night of ball…

Last night the AAA Rockies played the AAA Dodgers in a game with playoff implications for the Rockies.  Essentially, lose and we finish in 5th place and we’d be out of the playoffs.  There was a faint hope that if we did lose we could go on, but we’d need a LOT of help.  That didn’t happen.

The game started out well, we built to a 4-1 lead only to see the 3 run cushion evaporate and the game tied in the 5th inning.  We exploded for 5 more runs in the 7th and held the Dodgers off in the bottom of the 7th for a 9-4 win.  All in all, a great game and hopefully it will breathe some life into the team.

We are back at it on Saturday, hosting the Dodgers for the early game.  We need another great win to make our push for the playoffs a real thing.  I am sure they will be out to avenge last nights loss, it’ll be a good one.


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Hopefully getting back on track…

This past weekend, the AAA Rockies played a pair of games and, unfortunately, dropped them both.  In the first, we held a 6-2 lead against the Dodgers and were unable to stop their comeback, losing 7-6.  The second game saw a close contest and excellent pitching on both sides, we ended up losing 3-0.  This takes us to a 5-10 record and 5th place in the league which is not where I pictured us being at this point in the season.

In AAA, the 5th place team is eliminated and does not make play-offs.  We play the 4th place team twice more (the Dodgers) and will hopefully be able to win both games – our playoff lives count on that.

The AA’s are in the middle of a long break.  Both teams have a couple of indoor sessions this week and will hopefully both get back on track this weekend.

Nothing much else going on.  It is already mid-June, where is the year going?

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The ups and downs of baseball…

The ups and downs of baseball.  Last night the AAA’s played the Angels, we didn’t start out too well, a few errors and our hitters were hitting right to them.  We gave them a 10-0 lead in the fifth inning and it looked like the game might end, but we were able to score a few runs and avoided a mercy.

We played 7 innings, pitchers got some work, hitting was so-so, the defence improved, slightly, bot enough for a win though – dropped the game 10-3.

We now have nearly a week off which will be a nice break.  We were scheduled for a practice tonight, but it was changed to cages and inside so we cancelled.  The travel teams are away this weekend, wishing them good luck.

We are back to it next week – the season is now half over.  Time flies…

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