Sleep?  Who needs it?  Well, I guess we all do.  I have a SmartWatch, generic brand, bought it on and it isn’t particularly smart.  Anyway, I discovered that it does have a sleep monitoring app on it, so I decided to turn that on last night and wear it while I slept.

I went to bed at 9pm and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up around 2am, it said I slept 4:53 and only 17 minutes of deep sleep.  That doesn’t sound good.

When I wake up, in the middle of the night, I don’t feel tired.  I am able to make my way through the day without any issues, really don’t feel tired until the evening.  I try to stay awake until 9pm or so, otherwise, I will typically wake up 5 hours after going to sleep.  The other night I went to bed just after 7:30, slept until just before 1am.  That makes for a long day.  When I do wake up, it is one of those feelings that I am done with sleeping so there is no sense in trying to go back to sleep.  So, I get up.  I let the dogs out and I feed them, really early.  They now eat every 12 hours, I think they like it – they both eat all their food when it is put out.  Good dogs.

I’ve been going through these cycles for years.  Typically, it happens during the summer and will normally last for 3-4 months, then I am able to sleep again, 8-9 hours.  Sometimes, I need to drag myself out of bed in the morning.  Don’t know why, it has never really bothered me so I just accept it.  Not sure why it adjusted this year, when I slept this past summer, I thought it was going to skip over me this year – no such luck.

It is the weekend.  I have a few things planned, but it will still be pretty relaxing.  Late breakfast today and a trip to the dump to get rid of some stuff from the old place that I don’t want/need and can’t sell.  I have someone coming over to buy a portable air conditioner that I am selling.  It is Calgary, I have never found a need for AC here, there might be a few nights in the middle of July that it is slightly uncomfortable, but that’s it.  So, $60 in my pocket will be good – it will pay for that breakfast, and then some.

I am also selling my Nexus 6 smartphone.  I purchase the new Pixel XL so I need to sell the old phone.  I have it listed on Kijiji for $250 and am not willing to negotiate too much on price.  Someone offered $120, I didn’t even reply.  Come on.  Someone else offered $210 which isn’t too bad, but they wanted me to deliver it.  Well, I have had too many people on Kijiji back out and what not so I don’t tend to trust people.  He/she was only 15 minutes away, but I didn’t want to drive 15 minutes and then have them change their mind or offer less money.  Nope, you want the phone, you come to me then if you change your mind, it didn’t cost me any time.

The Pixel XL is a pretty good phone.  It is slightly smaller than the Nexus 6, not as wide, perhaps a little thinner.  I ordered a case for it from BestBuy, but it has not yet arrived.  I would have picked it up in the store, but it was available online only, so I wait.  It should arrive next week.

Anyway, nothing planned on Sunday, not yet anyway.  I will take it as it comes.  I do need and purchase a few groceries, doesn’t that sound exciting?

Enjoy your weekend.

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The New Place

As I have blogged, I’ve moved.  I moved a week ago today actually, I am glad I didn’t move this week as the temperatures have been rather insane – in the -20 range, day and night.  Very cold, gotta dress for it for sure, moving in it wouldn’t be fun – it isn’t fun to move any time.

I am loving the new place.  I have already unpacked everything and everything is pretty well organized.  This is odd for me, I am not normally so organized.  I think this is going to be the perfect fit for me.  It is a 3 bedroom bungalow with a large, fenced in yard for the dogs.  There is a detached garage and parking spaces beside the garage.  The patio in the back is also covered so I can spend time outside even if it is raining.  Will be nice come summer time.  I plan on putting in a fire pit.  Not sure if I will build one into the ground or if I will buy one.  Seeing as I am lazy, likely the “buy” it option.  :)

No pictures of the outside of the house as yet – it is too damn cold.

living-diningThis is the living room looking in from the front door.  Hera was rather impatient as I was cutting into her “off leash park time”, even though it was -20C.

living-roomThere is the living room from the other side.  Blondie still chewing on her bone.  The sectional couch is great, we all have room on it.  One piece is actually missing, it would have blocked the front door, it is a power recliner and it is in the office.  This is bonded leather.  I didn’t know what bonded leather was.  Well, if you have dogs, don’t buy it – spend the extra and get “real” leather – you’ll notice bad wear under Blondie, well, that’s what happens.

fireplace-tvHera is sneaking into more pictures.  Unlike Blondie who doesn’t really like having her picture taken, Hera seems to.  That is an electric fireplace, takes the chill out and my 55″ TV on top, stereo beside – wasn’t sure how I wanted everything setup, this works, for now.

new-york-muralThis is a great mural of New York City on canvas, it’s on the wall between the living room and dining room.  It was a former co-workers who left BDO and didn’t return for it – he didn’t return for anything.  So, when the office was going to dispose of it, I took it home.  I’ve had it for 3+ years now and love it.

dining-roomDining room, the table is imported from the South Pacific somewhere, my sister found it on Kijiji and told me about it.  The guy who was selling wouldn’t budge on the price, $300 and it was worth it.  His GF moved in and wanted “her” stuff, he had to sell “his” stuff – I hope they are still together, otherwise he’s lost a great table.  The chairs and bench are the same wood and have leather seats – REAL leather this time.

kitchenGalley style kitchen, works well.  LOTS of cabinets and enough counter space for all of my crap.  It is a small size fridge, again, for one, it is fine.  Gas stove, LOVE cooking with gas.  There is a chest freezer in the laundry room.

laundry-roomWhen I first moved here, I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer – it was my first major appliance purchase.  They did me well.  Unfortunately, they would not fit into this space, these ones are 34″ tall, mine were 38″ tall so I sold them on Kijiji, these are provided with the property.

hallwayHallway leading to the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  The floors are original hardwood from the 50’s and very nice.

bathroomStandard bathroom.  Only 1 bathroom in the place, only 1 bathroom to keep clean.

officeMy office, I spend a majority of my time in here.  Very functional, I have everything I need.  TV if I am bored.  I love working from home.

guest-bedroomSpare bedroom with a messy bed – I need to organize that.  Well, at least I am not expecting guests in the near future.

bedroom-2Closet organizer in the bedroom, I like the plastic tubs, works well.  No dresser in here which is fine.  Lots of hooks for clothes, very functional.

bedroom-1My messy bed – share it with two dogs… The headboard there goes with a frame and footboard – they were my parents, purchased in 1950.  The footboard is badly damaged, chewing from three dogs over 10 years.  I am not sure it can be fixed, but I am going to look into it.  I am sure some person good with wood can do something.  Right now the bed is on the floor which is fine, getting up and out is a little harder for me, the dogs love it, an easy step and they are in bed.

So, there is the dime tour.  Please send your dime to:

Kevin D’Arcy
c/o Calgary, Alberta

It’ll get to me.  :)

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2:30am and my Christmas Tree

Who the heck gets up at 2:30am?  Well, apparently I do.  I have had issues over the past 20 years or so with occasionally waking at odd hours, typically in the middle of the night and knowing I am done sleeping.  Normally, this has occurred in the spring or summer.  This year, I slept very well all summer long.  Too well actually, I had to rush to start working for my regular 6:30am start.  So, when I slept so well this past summer, I thought that perhaps the odd sleep cycle would pass me over this year, yay.

Nope.  It is a late fall thing this year.  In the last 2 weeks or so, I have been waking up between 2:30 and 3:00.  The one bonus is that I get a lot accomplished before I even start work for the day.  One accomplishment is that I make a lot more blog entries.  I have the time now where normally, I just don’t make the time to keep my blog updated.  So for you, faithful readers, that’s a bonus.  Right?

I also tend to have a cleaner house since I do more stuff around the house in the early morning hours.  I sometimes get to catch up on some TV viewing or I watch some movies that I have not seen before.  There are pluses.

I don’t have many downsides, I don’t think.  I am not tired during the day, work does not suffer.  I have no idea why it occurs.  It will stop, in about 2-3 months and I will start sleeping “normally” again, whatever that is.

So, it is December.  I am not a huge fan of Christmas, don’t really celebrate it at all.  I mean I do make something different for dinner and since I love turkey, it is typically turkey related – I don’t do a whole bird, what is one person who does not care for dark meat going to do with an entire turkey?  I also don’t make soup – conveniently, soup comes in cans…  I will likely make a turkey breast again.  I am going to visit a meat shop and see if I can get a stuffed turkey breast.  If not, I will but a frozen Butterball stuffed turkey breast again, they are actually pretty good.  I even share a bit with the dogs, although, since they rarely get “people” food, when I put it in their dish on top of their food, they look at it like “what’s this on my food”.  Once I encourage them to eat it, they love it.

I had a little Christmas tree that my sister purchased me, years ago.  I can’t find it after the move.  All of the boxes have been emptied, everything has been setup.  So, since I am not going to put up a regular Christmas tree, I purchased this:


I’ve always wanted one and it is perfect for me.  This tree won’t be up all year like the previous 3″ tall one.  I will leave it out for the month of December and then will pack it away until the following December.  How’s that for festive?

I do need something, I do get Blondie and Hera a couple of items.  I am hoping Hera will open her gifts like Zeus used to.  Blondie doesn’t have much interest in opening presents.  Guess I will see.  If she does, I am sure I will catch a video of it and if so, I will post.

Well, this is getting to be a long entry.  I am starting work early today, in 45 minutes and then need to leave for an appointment – blood work being done today.  Fun, fun.  We (Calgary) are in the middle of a deep freeze right now and it is currently -22C.  In Fahrenheit, that’s damn cold.  Colder still with the light breeze, -30 or so with the wind chill.  Stay warn, wherever you are.


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Gotta love Kijiji, for both buying and selling. Lately, I’ve purchased a new desk, well, used, but new to me. It is an IKEA desk that they no longer make. I’m not sure why they stopped making it, but they did. $60. No hanging on my part since new they were at least three times that.  It replaced a huge monster sized L shaped desk with a credenza that I had. It was bulky, could not be moved by one person and didn’t fit well in most spaces. Gone, goodbye. It served me well for three years. My office is setup with the new desk, plenty of room.

I’ve sold a lot of stuff in the last month. Washer and dryer, pub height kitchen table, two dressers, two book shelves, small computer desk and chair, not even sure if ther was anything else. Oh yes, today, well, shortly anyway, a pair of skates. Make about $700 or so, I’d guess. I didn’t sell some stuff and didn’t get asking price on anything. I was more interested in getting rid of it than getting 100% of asking. I paid small amounts for some of the ads, to keep them listed high, seemed to work. Thanks Kijiji.

Next, I do need a filing cabinet. I’m sure I’ll find one.

Freezing cold today. I’m sure our trip to the dog park will be shelter than normal. The house appears to be well insulated, that’s good. At least it’s been sunny.

More later, if I don’t get frost bite.

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Back to work…

Back to work today after being off for nearly a week. I was busy while off of course, packing, organizing, moving, unpacking and organizing. It was a typical Monday at work, busy from the moment I started until the moment I left. That makes for a quick day.

My place is completely setup. I’m very impressed with myself. Typically, I would not be so efficient. In. Y last place, I wasn’t unpacked after a year. I think I knew I wouldn’t be there long. I’m really liking this place. I know I’ve said I will show some pictures, I will, honest.

We have started a cold snap in Alberta this week. Today, the high was around -15C. It is supposed to be colder tomorrow… The dogs don’t seem to mind, not sure about me. I’ll take it over hot and humid though.

Had a doctor appointment this morning. He’s sending me for a bunch of tests and an ultrasound as well. So, I guess I get a little time off of work. Both Blondie and Hera were good while I was out today, I’m sure Hera’s terrible puppyhood is behind her.

Well, it’s later than I’ve been up recently. A 2.5 hour nap after dinner did it, hopefully I won’t be up all night… 

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Almost there

The house is all but setup.  There are a couple of boxes that I have not organized yet, making my way through them, most of the stuff will likely be deposed of.  I am surprised at how organized I am this time around.

In my last place, I didn’t ever put up pictures and art for the walls, I don’t think I ever truly felt that it was home.  I needed a new place because of odd circumstances and it worked for me, for a time.  Really though, what was I thinking renting a place with 6 levels and a backyard the size of a postage stamp when I have two large dogs.  I guess I should have kept looking – one would think that after moving so often, I’d be better at it.

Well, this time, I think I’ve hit the jackpot.  The house is great (pictures to follow, as soon as the sun comes up) and the backyard is huge – the dogs love being out there.  I need to get some “Beware of Dog” signs for the front and back gates.  I’d hate some kid to try to cut through (for some reason, kids are weird) and have Hera take them down.  I don’t know if she would, or if Blondie would.  Blondie tends to be more proactively protective of my truck when I am away from it, in a store for instance.  Anyone who comes near gets a menacing bark from her.  She is not aware that the typical impression of Labs is that they are sweet, gentle dogs who lead the blind.  Not Blondie.  She protects what is hers, or mine, I guess.  Loyalty right there, for sure.

I am heading out shortly to pick up a microwave.  I don’t need anything fancy, at all.  I use a microwave to reheat left overs and that’s about it.  I might get a kettle too, I don’t have one.  I found a great stainless steel garbage can for the kitchen yesterday as well as a cast aluminium fry pan – both from Home Sense.  Not going overboard, just things I need.

My EcoBoxes get picked up later today.  They are all empty.  I would definitely recommend them if you are planning on moving, WAY better than cardboard.  They stack, won’t collapse and you can load them right up.  Check them out, http://ecobox.caa

Back to work tomorrow.  The office is completely setup, thanks to CH for his assistance on Friday.  The office is a bit more functional now than I have been in the last year.  I have two chairs in the office so that the dogs can spend some time in here comfortably while I am working.  I don’t have floor dogs…  Come on now, they are Princesses.  It has been a nice break from work.  Although I was busy, the mental break was nice.  I am looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

So, I promise I will post pics of the place later today.  Look for it and enjoy your Sunday.

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Almost settled

The unpacking went very well.  I am, surprisingly, not being lazy at all.  I have a couple of boxes to organize where I want to put stuff but everything is done essentially.

It appears that my EARLY morning wake-ups are back.  I was able to sleep pretty well all summer long and now, the last few weeks I’ve been waking up at around 3am and not going back to sleep after that.  Oh well, this shall pass, I am sure.

Today, I need groceries.  My fridge and freezer are essentially bare.  I also need to purchase a microwave.  I have had a built-in one for ages so I haven’t owned a microwave.  At least they are pretty cheap – a visit to Walmart is in order perhaps.

My office is very functional.  I have two chairs in here so the dogs can hang out if they want while I am working.  I don’t have floor dogs, they are too Princess like for that.  :)

I am also planning on exploring Bowness a bit today, likely by foot with Blondie and Hera.  I will wait until the sun comes up though.

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Unpacking.  I guess it has to be done, after you pack it all and move across town.  This move was pretty snooth.  I picked up the truck at 10am yesterday.  What a truck it was as well.  I decided to spend the extra $10 and get the largest truck they had.  Glad I did since by the end of the loading phase, it was full.  I hired two movers to do the moving and they did a great job.  They arrived just before 11am and worked pretty well non-stop for a little over 3 hours.  I tipped them $20 each, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, what do you tip a mover?  They cost me $150 USD and that worked out to a little over $230, I think it was.  I have to say, it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent.  I am sure that the guys who I normally would have asked to help are glad I did as well.

So, the unpacking is progressing.  The kitchen is done.  I had my first meal at 9:30pm last night, chicken fingers and fries, it was all I had on hand, well that and pasta.  I am about half way done on unpacking clothes.  Man, do I have a LOT of clothes…  The living room will be next.  I need to put the sectional back together, BUT, I need space to do it.  I have not decided where the TV will go as yet.  There is an electric fireplace and I could put it on top of that, there is also a free corner – decisions, decisions…  Pictures to follow – once things are setup…

Well, I won’t get done if I don’t get off of social media.  Until next time…

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Moving Day

Moving day is finally here.  It will be very nice being in my own space, not attached to anyone.  The backyard is going to be great for the dogs.  They will have a large area to play in and being fenced in, they can’t run off, although they don’t do that anyway, it is nice that they won’t see a squirrel and go chasing.

I am packed and organized.  I just need to disassemble my bed frame and I am set to go, with hours to spare as well.  I pick up the U-Haul at 10am.

Blondie and Hera are at Treetops Pet Resort, just outside of Cochrane.  They apparently like it there since when they saw the lady that looks after them, they went nuts – Hera rarely whines, she was whining away.  I will pick them up this afternoon and will bring them to their new house.  Hopefully, they’ll be as excited as I am.

Mother Nature tried to make things a little more difficult by dumping a half inch of snow last night, but it will be clear and cool today.  Enjoy the day.

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Packing, packing, packing…

Today is packing day.  I am making very good progress, of course, I have no choice, I am moving tomorrow.

I am looking forward to getting into the new place.  I drop the dogs off at Treetops Pet Resort this afternoon and then I will be able to basically finish everything else.  I need to take the sectional couch apart, a quick job.  I need to disassemble the bed frame tomorrow morning and put the mattress into the mattress bag.  Just about everything else is already done and a lot of stuff is already in the garage.

I think I am more organized this time around.  I pick up the U-Haul tomorrow at 10, my movers arrive at 11.  I should be loaded by 12 or so and it won’t take too long to unload.

Unpacking and setup needs to be done by Saturday since the EcoBoxes go back.  That’s good, it will force me to do it.

Well, my break is over.  Back to it.  :)

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