The weekend is here…

I’ve had the last two evenings free, no umpiring on Thursday or Friday. It was a nice, needed break from the action. I’ve umpired more this year than ever before, I’m at the diamond as much as I was when I coached.

Back at it tomorrow, other than the weather forecast which is calling for rain all day. Forecasts are very often wrong though, so I’ll wait and see what happens. I will have a nice relaxing day if the parks are closed.

Sunday is supposed to be nice though so my double header will go, I’m sure. As of now, I don’t have a partner for either Sunday game, hopefully that’ll change. Next week will be busy too, with games Monday through Thursday. It’ll be a tiring week.

Today was my bosses last day at work. He was likely the best manager I’ve worked for and I’ll miss him. I wish you well in your future. Last week, my co-worker in my group left. We got to know one another on our trip last year to Mauritius. Best of luck to both of you. I have a few added tasks to my job now. I’m hoping for a promotion. We’ll see.

I got details on my trip to Missouri in August yesterday. We leave on August 1 at 6am and arrive in Branson just after 4pm, via Houston where we have a few hour layover. Coming back, we fly though Denver. Guess I’ll be adding three more states to my visited list of the US. I’m looking forward to the trip.

Well, it’s the weekend, do try to enjoy it.

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First day of summer

Last night I umpired for the 3rd night in a row at Foothills stadium and this was the 7th game in 5 days.  That’s a pretty busy schedule, at least I don’t do any physical work in my job, just sit at a desk all day.

It wasn’t a bad game, a bit of back and forth between the two teams.  Some good plays were made.  It ended in a tie and no extra innings were played because of the 2.5 hour time limit so I guess they will have to finish it at their next outing.

I have a few days off from umpiring, today and tomorrow.  I have some running around to do after work today.  I am scheduled for two more double headers this weekend but at the moment, the forecast is calling for rain on Saturday.  I will believe it when I see it, forecasts are so often wrong.

Other than that, nothing else planned.

Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  Sunset tonight, in Calgary is right around 10:00pm and it will still be light out until well after 11.  Days start to get shorter now, guess that means winter is on its way.  Well, before winter, let’s enjoy some summer.

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Let’s just relax, on our new couch…

I umpired last night, that’s no surprise – I seem to umpire most nights.  That’s OK though, for the most part I enjoy it and the extra income is good too.  It was a pretty good game, weather was perfect for baseball.

I had arranged to pick up my new (used) couch after I finished umpiring, so I figured I’d arrive shortly before 10pm.  We had it loaded and were off heading to my place by 10:20.

We took apart the old sectional, discovered many “lost” dog toys that the dogs were happy to have back and put the old couch outside on my covered patio.  Off to the dump with that one, hopefully this weekend.

We had to remove the front door to get it inside, it was just a little wide with the attached legs.  Setup was a breeze and the couch wasn’t that heavy at all.

I then let the dogs back in, they seemed as excited as I was.

Blondie is just relaxing on it, watching the world go by – the life of a dog 🙂


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A new couch, how exciting?

Almost four years ago, I bought a large sectional from the Brick.  It was leather and it was on sale.  It was something called bonded leather, I asked the sales rep if it would be good with dogs, he assured me it would – he lied.  Bonded leather, for those of you who don’t know, is a thin layer of leather bonded chemically to another material that the couch is covered with.  When I say thin, it’s paper thing.  IT is also CRAP when it comes to dogs.

Now, the couch itself has held up just fine, it’s comfortable and works well.  The surface though, over nearly 4 years, has been destroyed by three dogs daily use.

It looks like crap.  So, I have been looking, not seriously, here and there for a replacement couch.  I had a few parameters for it.  I like sectionals, sharing it with three dogs makes having enough room mandatory.  I have also come to like having a chaise section that I can sprawl out on.

So, on Facebook, they have a Marketplace area.  I looked last night and saw a great brown sectional couch for sale.  It’s from Ashley furniture which makes great stuff – I doubt I could ever afford something new from there.  The seller was asking $600, I offered $500 and it was accepted – awesome.


So, this is my new couch, well, as soon as I pick it up, likely tonight.  I like brown leather and this one looks nicely broken in but still in great shape.

I could ban the dogs from this new couch, but I won’t do that – I don’t have floor dogs.  I may but some throws for it to keep it looking great, we’ll see.

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Busy weekend…

This past weekend flew by, as most weekends do.  I umpired a total of 4 games and did two of them alone so I will get paid for 5 games.  Not a bad weekend, profit-wise.  It was some good ball as well.

Saturday, we made it through a rainy game at 1pm, we had a 20-25 minute delay during the game but we got it in.  I didn’t think that the parks people would allow the 4pm game to go on, but they did.  The mound wasn’t in good condition at all, any more rain and it would have been done.  We got through it in record time, 1:40.  Not a bad game at all, 3-1 was the final.

I did another game by myself on Sunday which went into extra innings.  I did have a partner for the second game, thanks to GA for helping out and coming into Calgary early on Father’s Day to boot.

Umpiring two double-headers makes the weekend zoom by.  It almost seems like there was no weekend but it’s enjoyable.  This week is a little lighter of a load, games tonight and Wednesday at Foothills so nice and close to home.

Another month until I start my vacation.  I am looking forward to it.  Last week, one of my co-workers in my group left and this week, the Manager leaves.  It leaves our group, Service Delivery rather short.  I am sure some changes are coming, I don’t exactly know what those changes will be.  Time will tell, I guess.

Well, it’s Monday, enjoy your week.

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Damn baseballs hitting me…

I umpired tonight, big surprise, I do a lot of that this time of year. I was at New Brighton field, about 40 minutes away from my house. Only one slowdown heading there at 545, rush hour had pretty much wrapped up.

Good game tonight, ended up being an 8-4 ball game in just over 2 hours.

I got hit once, just above the wrist, hurt like hell. I don’t bruise easily, but I think this one will. There are stitch marks from where the ball smacked me. The arms are pretty much the only exposed body part and normally I keep them out of the way. Not tonight. I’ll survive.

Good drive home, uneventful. I love coming home to three wagging dogs, Hera also gives little crying sounds, it’s nice to be loved.

I’m supposed to umpire tomorrow evening but the forecast is calling for all day rain, so I’m thinking it’ll be off. A nice quiet evening with the dogs will be good.

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It’s baseball season so I was umpiring…

This past weekend went by too quickly, as most weekends do.  I umpired a Cal Ripken league double-header on Saturday.  It was cloudy and breezy so perfect for umpiring.  Two pretty good games.  The league plays 6 innings and a 2 hour time limit which is great.

I took it easy after getting home, lazing about with the dogs.  Lita left Friday evening so we were back to our normal routines.

I went out for a brunch buffet to Smuggler’s Inn on Sunday morning.  Excellent food, ate way too much.  I was scheduled for 2 games on Sunday but the weather man didn’t agree and it rained all day canceling all baseball.  It was a relaxing day.

Another game last evening at Optimist Park ended in a mercy but was pretty well played.  The rest of the month is busy with umpiring as well – makes the days zip by.

Today is an off day, no baseball.  The four of us will head to the dog park this afternoon, I will try to keep Blondie out of the river.  Tough to do with a Lab.

Enjoy your week.

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Politics, dogs and umpiring…

Yesterday as election day in the province of Ontario.  Although I no longer live there, I was hoping that the NDP would not form the government.  It seemed like the momentum was going their way, and I know why this seemed so – the media made it seem that way.  Thankfully (likely, we will see), the PCs got themselves a majority.  I didn’t think the Liberals would get anywhere and they didn’t, reduced to 7 seats.  Good on them, they’ve been a mostly horrible government for longer than I care to remember.  So, in short, good luck to the PCs and to Ontario in general.  I think things can only look up.

Now that I have said that, I am also forced to wonder – why did 3 of 4 ridings in Niagara, my former home, vote for NDP candidates.  That was a bit surprising and a bit sad.  Thankfully, the NDP didn’t have enough support to form the government, that would have been a bigger mistake than Alberta electing them, I think.  We can correct that mistake in just under a year.

Aside from politics, the 3 days with Lita have gone well.  She is a good dog and gets along well with Blondie, Hera and Twix.  Her Dad comes to get her this evening and hopefully we will be able to dog-sit for her again before too long.  Having her with us though proves that I would not want a permanent 4th dog, it would be too much.  Never mind increasing food and vet expenses by 25% but a 4th dog who also wants your attention 100% of the time, it’s tough to juggle.  Lita will always be welcome.

This weekend I am umpiring 4 games in total.  Saturday is supposed to be nice but rainy and cool weather returns for Sunday so it looks right now that those games won’t go.  Of course, this is Calgary and weather changes hour by hour and minute by minute sometimes so the forecast may very well change before Sunday arrives.

I am also going to one of the best breakfast buffets that I’ve ever been to on Sunday morning.  It’s at a place called the Smuggler’s Inn and is amazing.  I am almost full already.

Enjoy your weekend, it’s only a few hours away.

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Dog Sitting

I am dog-sitting for the rest of the week, Lita has joined the pack once again for a few days while her Mom galavants about the planet.  The four dogs are already exhausted, playing steady for 2+ hours wears them out, it will be a peaceful rest of the day I am sure.

At least now Lita knows who I am and she trusts me now.  She is very friendly now, the first time I looked after her she didn’t trust me for well over a day.  Twix was playing with her quite a bit so everyone is getting along which is awesome.

I am teaching her some bad habits that I am sure her owners will appreciate, such as being allowed up on the furniture.  Come on, I don’t have floor dogs.  She is getting it and hopefully it will continue when she gets home later this week.

No umpiring for me until Saturday, I blocked my schedule off.  It will be nice having a few evenings free.  Time to watch some TV I guess and take it easy.  I might try the dog park but with 4 dogs, people will think I am either crazy or one of those dog walking people.

Lita goes home Friday night and I am sure all four of them will have a good few days and will be tired.  After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.

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Another Monday Already…

Another new week starts, Monday.  Why do weekends go by so quickly, it’s not really fair.  I am not necessarily a hater of Mondays, they happen, nothing we can do about them.

I had an uneventful double-header yesterday at Optimist Park, Babe Ruth AA league.  It was generally pretty good ball and the weather was perfect for baseball.

Tonight, I am going to look at that house in Blackie and see what I think.  Small town life could have some benefits, I am sure – I have never done it before.  Guess time will tell.

I only have one game scheduled for this week, tomorrow night down in New Brighton, it will hopefully be my one and only trip down there as it’s about a 40 minute drive from my place, presuming the traffic is good.

Wednesday through Friday of this week I will have a house guest as I look after Lita – I am sure the four dogs will be tired after their 3 days together.

Enjoy your week.

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