The weekend is here, thankfully…

This was another rip-roaring busy week at work.  The week flew by though, so that is great.  I worked some OT, banked up some lieu time, I think I have a few days of lieu now.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just massive volume of tickets.  It is over though and the weekend is here.

I am heading for breakfast this morning with a friend and then off to the dog park for noon or so.  I plan on zipping to Walmart shortly.  They open at 7 and it won’t be busy – good time to go.  The dogs come along – they love car rides.  The weather has broken from the frigid deep freeze we were in.  It is just just below zero and I think it is supposed to be on the plus side today for the first time in about 6 weeks.  Gotta love Alberta Chinooks.

Tonight is the winter party for work.  I am not sure on the reasoning behind moving it from November / December and not having a Christmas party any longer.  I presume it is for “politically correct” reasons, and, if so, that’s disgusting.  Anyway, doesn’t really matter, I am not going.  I have not been in the office for 2.5 years now and really don’t know a lot of the staff any longer.  Actually, I don’t know most of the staff any longer – I’d know some of the managers, most of the senior managers and most of the partners.  If my IT co-worker was going then I’d likely go, but he isn’t so I am not.  It is also at some fancy hotel downtown and I really don’t care to get dressed up.  I hope all that do attend have a great time.

There is a baseball meeting tomorrow.  I am handling uniforms this year.  In-person registrations start next weekend and new players will be sized for uniforms.  Evaluations will be in a few weeks, not that I will be involved with that – I don’t think anyway.  SS may ask for my assistance in evaluating.  If he does, I am more than happy to help.  If he doesn’t, I am equally happy to sit back and relax.  I do plan on umpiring this summer so I am sure I will umpire a game or two that the Rockies play in.  I also plan on watching the odd game.  Should be an enjoyable summer.

At the end of the month, I am going to the RV show and I will see if there is a small trailer that meets my needs.  Will be fun, regardless.

Well, time to head to Walmart – what an exciting start to my day.  Enjoy yours.

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Happy Birthday, Hera !!!

Last week was, by far, the busiest week I have ever experienced at work.  The volume of tickets that came in was far beyond what I could have expected, to say the least.  The week flew by, that’s for sure.  Hopefully, we will be able to catch up and keep up – will be interesting to see what this coming week brings.  January through mid-March, or so, are the busiest times for us.  Once tax season gets into high gear, it slows down since the accountants and staff only report issues when they can’t do their jobs, not for every small issue.  I enjoy it though and their issues mean I have a stead job so it is a win-win really.

Yesterday was Hera’s second birthday.  I posted on a German Shepherd group that I am part of and almost 400 people liked my update and over 50 wished her a happy birthday.  It is nice when complete strangers take time from their day and make a comment about a dog that they have not and will not meet, simply because of their love of dogs.  It was very nice, I appreciated it and I am sure in some way, Hera did too – she knew there was love for her that day (and every day really).

We had a good day.  In the morning, we drove to the pet store for food and a couple of toys.  I bought a large ball, made up of interconnected hexagons so the center of the ball is open.  Inside, you can put large biscuits and the dogs would need to work to get them out.  I put a smaller ball with a squeak in it inside the large ball.  Both Hera and Blondie seem to like carrying it around and playing tug of war with it.  Blondie, of course, claimed it as “hers”, even though I tried to explain that it was actually Hera’s.  I also bought a couple of ChuckIt! balls, their favourite game at the off lease park.  Hopefully we don’t lose them…

In the afternoon, we were at the park for about and hour and a half.  Some of their dog friends were there and they joined in chasing the ball.  One dog in particular, Lefty, LOVES to chase and Blondie and Hera like this dog and don’t give any problems when Lefty does get to the ball.  Lefty returns it to me, every time, drops it immediately and then lays down, waiting for the next throw.  I’ve told her owner that I am going to dog-nap Lefty, she’s an awesome dog and very cute – not sure what breed she is, medium sized terrier of sorts, I guess.  Cute anyway, white with black markings.  We see her a few times a week.

Today, we will go to meet the regular Sunday 9am crowd.  There are quite a few dogs there at that time that mine like.  I am sure they like seeing their dog friends.  It’ll be a cold one though, currently it is -20C.  Winter is here and looks like it’ll stick around for a while.

Enjoy your Sunday, I am sure we will enjoy ours.

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Wow, busy couple of days…

I was back to work this week, in a shortened week due to Monday being the stat since New Years Day was a Sunday.  I knew it was going to be busy this week, but not like it was.

Tuesday was the first day back.  It is always the busiest day of the year.  I am not sure if people forget everything about using their computers or if they are still trying to digest massive amounts of turkey, but they kept us busy.

A busy day would typically mean that we handled about 150 tickets.  That keeps us hopping.  On Tuesday, there were over 600 tickets logged.  It was mind boggling.

Wednesday wasn’t much better.  I started at 4:30 in the morning on Wednesday to help tackle the massive backlog of issues.  I worked until 3:30 pm, so it was a long day, I also did some work in the evening.

Today, I again started at 4:30 and was able to clear some of the 140+ tickets I had.

I am able to take a breath right now.  What the day will bring, well, we will see.

I went out last night and bought myself a Fitbit Charge HR.  It is now charged and on my wrist.  It will be interesting to see how much I actually move around.  During work, I know it won’t be enough.  Good thing I have dogs, otherwise I wouldn’t get any exercise.

Nothing planned for the upcoming weekend.  Going to relax, I think.  Well, the week is half over – 2 more day until the weekend.  Back to a 5 day week next week, what’s up with that?

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Back to work tomorrow for a new year…

Today is the last day of the New Years holiday, it is back to work tomorrow.  Traditionally, tomorrow will be one of the busiest days at work all year.  After people have been off for 10 days or more, they forget passwords, they can’t do this, they can’t do that and they ALL submit tickets for help.

This is the first day back after the Christmas break where I have not had to do direct support.  I will see the tickets and I will be able to assign them to techs to fix the issues.  I am sure it will be busy, the entire month of December was insane.  It makes the days go by VERY quickly.

I should or I hope to find out if I will be going to Mauritius for work this week.  I am neutral on this, I will go if asked to go but if not asked to, it won’t bother me in the least.  It would be good to go.  I would be able to meet the guys that I work with on a daily basis and assist with their training.  They don’t necessarily do things like I do and not that I am perfect, but we do want to streamline how they provide the support that they do.

If I am going, I have a bit of planning to take care of.  I will need to ensure I can get the dogs into boarding and I need a passport too.  I am hoping I will have time to get one through regular channels and not have to expedite it.

Baseball season starts soon for Babe Ruth.  I am handling uniforms this year.  I need to be at the registrations to handle sizing for new players, those are later this month.  Evaluations start in February, I don’t know if I will be involved or not.  I have offered my assistance to the Rockies, not sure if it is needed, or wanted.  I am ok either way.

I am looking forward to having more free this time summer.  I’ve already booked a day off of work to head to the RV show in late January.  I will be looking at small trailers – hardtops or tent type.  I would love to do some camping this coming summer.

The play-offs for the World Juniors start today, not sure who Canada is playing nor the time and I am not even completely sure it is today – guess I should check that.

Enjoy your day and if you are back to work tomorrow, try to have fun.

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Welcome, 2017

Last night was New Years Eve, of course, everyone knows that.  I am not much into NYE, restaurants are too expensive and it is generally a couples night.  So, I stayed in.  I watched the Flames beat up on the Coyotes.  Final score was 4-2.  I had a shrimp ring – shared with the dogs, they had 2 shrimp each – wow, do they ever love shrimp.  It was therefore a fairly quiet night.  I did have a few beverages of the alcoholic variety, I don’t drink often.  I felt fine last night, although I would not have driven and I felt fine first thing this morning.

I went into the office today at around 7am.  I wanted to prep my new work laptop which I am using now.  I decided on Windows 10, I hope all of the tools that I use (and still need to install) will work, I am sure they will.  I got home around 10, the imaging of the new computer was surprisingly smooth.  I have not imaged a computer in ages, glad it went well.

Now, I am configuring it and the dogs and I will head to the park shortly.

Enjoy your day and Happy New Year to all.

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Happy New Year, a few days early…

Yesterday was back to work day.  Not normal work, it is Christmas Break and most of our offices are closed so it was pretty quiet.  It was not as quiet as I thought it would be though so it was sort of surprising.

The day went by pretty quickly at least.  Today is dragging a bit more.  Tomorrow, I am done at 11:30.  I am heading to lunch, all-u-can-eat Indian food at a place I’ve been wanting to try.  I have not had Indian food in a while.  I will take the afternoon off to use the rest of my remaining lieu time.  It is a use it or lose it situation since we can’t carry it over.  I am sure tomorrow will be slower still at work.  I was remotely thinking about going into the office and helping prep some computers.  I have not decided if I will or not.  I am leaning towards no, but I may surprise myself.

Tomorrow night I am heading to the Saddledome to watch the Calgary Hitmen.  Should be fun, I have not been to a Hitmen game in a few years, since I last was involved with Big Brothers actually, so that puts it back in 2013/2014.

Nothing planned for New Years Eve.  An overrated day, to be sure.  I won’t go to a restaurant/bar, prices are just too high.  I’d go to a house party, anyone having one and want to invite me?

So, if I don’t write before Saturday, have a Happy New Year.


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Christmas break just about done…

My 4 day Christmas break is almost at an end.  It has flown by, as most days off do.  It was pretty relaxing.

Last night was the start of the World Junior hockey tournament, Canada was playing Russia.  It was sort of a boring game.  I was rather tired, this insomnia is catching up to me, and went to bed before the third period started – that would have been the most exciting period.  Discovered this morning that Canada held on for the win, 5-3.  They play again this evening in what should be an easier contest.

Back to work tomorrow.  I am sure it won’t be busy, at all.  I do have a few things to do, some account setups for the New Year, we have staff starting January 3.  That will take 30 minutes.  After that, who knows?

I am going to a Calgary Hitmen game on Friday night, that will be good.  I plan on taking the train to the Saddledome, far easier and cheaper than driving.

Next week will be back to the regular routine.  Tuesday is the first day for staff to be back and traditionally will be the busiest, or one of the busiest days of the year.  It has been very busy for the last few months, really since September so nothing surprises me anymore.

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Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day.  I don’t plan on hitting any early morning shopping sprees, that is for the insane.  There are some good deals on various things, but I don’t really need anything at the moment.

Christmas Day was a good one.  I didn’t end up starting dinner until about 7pm, ate just before 9pm.  I had a turkey breast that I pan seared with various spices and then flopped it into the oven to bake.  While that was going, I put potatoes and green peppers into the pan that I was cooking the turkey in and cooked those up – they turned out excellently and had quite the kick.  Stove top stuffing and Pillsbury crescent rolls topped off dinner, with a side of cranberries, of course.  The dessert that I tried was good.  I greased my crock-pot, dumped a can of cherry pie filling in the bottom and covered it with a vanilla cake mix.  Not bad at all.  Sort of like cherry cobbler that my mom and sister used to make but in some way, better.  Two hours on high, the cake had risen to take the entire crock-pot.  I might try t again, seeing as cake mixes were on sale, 3 for $5.  Like I am actually going to bake a cake…

Not much going on today, I don’t think.  Blondie, Hera and I will go to the dog park around 9 and I might go to one of the malls later this morning, not sure on that one though.  The World Junior hockey tournament starts tonight as well.

I am off work until Wednesday.  It will be nice to have the time off, it has been crazy of late.  This week should, and I stress should, be quiet.  Most of the offices are closed but I don’t put anything past any of our users.

If you’re going our hunting for Boxing Day deals, I hope you find what you’re looking for.  I am going to go and hunt a cup of coffee…

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day.  The dogs don’t know it is Christmas, but I bought them extra stuff anyway.  I was hoping that Hera would open her gifts.  Nope.  She looked at them, looked at me, looked at Blondie, did nothing.  So, that was a failed experiment.  I already knew that Blondie didn’t open gifts either.  So, I guess, moving forward, I won’t bother wrapping anything, makes my life easier.

I did discover, however, that Hera loves Denta Sticks.  I knew Blondie loved them but she hasn’t had them in some time – well, I’d say since before I got Hera.  I will have to continue to buy them.

New leashes and collars and a water bowl were also secured as well as a Furmanator brush.  I bought it online for only $15 including shipping, far better deal than the $70 or so you find them for in stores.  Both dogs seem to like being brushed with it and it has cut down on the shedding BIG TIME.

We went to the dog park, arrived around 9am, we had the park to ourselves.  Shortly after that, others arrived, the typical 9:15 people.  Hera proceeded to get into a mini-scrap with one of the Huskies that she sees once or twice a week – no idea what that was about, typically they get along fine.  The Husky suffered an injury just below her eye, I am glad it wasn’t the eye itself.  Her owner was OK with it since his dog started the scuffle.  Both of them cut that nonsense out the rest of the time at the park, so that was good.

We played with our new ChuckIt! ball for about an hour.  The dogs will do it, pretty well until they drop.  I don’t allow the game to go on quite that long.  So, Blondie and Hera saw most of the 9:15 dogs and had fun running around in the knee deep snow.  It was dang cold though.  I discovered, or perhaps confirmed, that my Ontario winter boots do not quite cut it as Alberta winter boots.  I may look for some Boxing Day sales and get something that’ll keep my feet warm.

We headed home and had a nap.  The dogs love napping, almost as much as I do.  What am I saying?  They love it WAY more than I do.

For me – well, nothing under the tree, I guess I was a bad boy in Santa’s eyes.  I did, however, get myself a few things.  I purchased a Pixel XL phone a few weeks back and a case for the phone as well.  I bought a griddle that I have wanted for a bit, it was finally on sale at Canadian Tire.  My best gift, to all three of us, was the house I am now living in.  It is perfect and the dogs love the backyard and I am sure appreciate the lack of stairs here.  I can see being here a long time.

Tonight, I am making a turkey breast.  I have been undecided on how to prepare it, still am.  I have done a cranberry glaze before, for chicken, I may do the same for the turkey.  Potatoes, stuffing (sadly, just Stove Top, but I love it), stir fried vegetables and Pillsbury Crescent rolls round out dinner.  I will share some with Blondie and Hera – it is only fair.  Dessert will be a cake/cherry pie filling concoction that I found on Facebook.  Cooks in the crock-pot and I am sure will be quite good.

That’ll wrap up another Christmas Day.  Still have two days off then back to work.  Well, back as in my office, where I am now.  And come to think of it, I doubt I will even be in the office since it will be SLOW.  Most of the offices are closed and for those that are open, most of the staff are off.  I don’t expect to have to do much – it will be some much needed downtime.  I will pay for it though, the first day back is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year.

Well, here’s to your Christmas Day – I hope it was a good one !!!

Merry Christmas,

Kevin, Blondie and Hera 🙂


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A productive Christmas Eve

Today has been a productive day thus far.  I sort of slept in, which is nice.  I did wake up at 1:10am and said no, this is not even the middle of the night.  I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 3:40 or so – not too bad at all.

I watched Elf at 6.  I think I have only seen bits and pieces of it previously.  In general, I do not like Will Ferrell, he’s an ass, but in this movie, being as ass helps him.  I do like James Caan and he’s awesome in this movie.

I had to visit a friends house to pick up a loaner security card for the office, I had to stop in today.  I have mine but was told it had been deactivated.  Well, when I got to the office, it was fine.  Got in the front door, got to the 5th floor and got in the server room, no issues.  So, I don’t know what the office admin was talking about.  Oh well.

Blondie, Hera and I stopped at the dog park on the way home.  Not the normal park that we go to daily, Edworthy Park this time.  It is a huge park with all kinds of pathways.  Today, there was also a foot of snow on the ground so we all got a good workout.  We also lost our ChuckIt! ball.  I will have to get another one.  Someone will find it sometime this coming spring, I guess.

I stopped at the Bownesian Grocer, for Christmas Eve, it was pretty slow.  I didn’t wait at the deli, I didn’t wait at the checkout.  Nice.  I am sure had I made the treck to the Superstore, it would have been a different story.

Now, I am watching the Bills.  Watching then lose, currently anyway.  They need to win out and get some help for a chance at making play-offs.  I am not going to hold my breath.

The rest of the day will be relaxing.  I will take the dogs to the regular dog park shortly, even though they are tired.  We won’t be able to play ChuckIt! this afternoon though…  I may have a tennis ball around somewhere though…

Tonight, I see that A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart is on at 6 – I have not seen this version of it before.  I am actually looking forward to it.  If I forget, I have it set to record.

To all, have a good Christmas.  Ours will be white – it is still snowing.  Will yours?

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