As readers might remember, I have had insomnia off and on for a number of years.  Not constantly, it happens about once a year and lasts for 3-4 months.  Very irritating, to say the least.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I had a bad cold and combined with that, I wasn’t sleeping at all.  I was a zombie through the day and exhausted in the evening, yet, I couldn’t sleep.

I decided to cut out caffeine.  No more coffee in the mornings, no cola products.  For the first while, it was tough not having that pick me up in the morning.  I am drinking decaf coffee since I do like a hot beverage in the morning and don’t really care all that much for tea.  I am also drinking a lot more water, several glasses during the day and at least two later in the evening.

The good news:  I am sleeping quite well.  I do wake up a time or two every night but typically that is to get rid of some of the extra water I am drinking.  I am sleeping over 7 hours a night though so that’s awesome.  Not much of a bad side, other than I am missing the occasional latte from Starbucks.  I have totally given up on caffeine products and although I could go back to regular coffee and see if it affects me, I’d rather sleep, so, by caffeine.

The Fall has zipped by.  Baseball season ended a few weeks ago, it was good to umpire into October this year.  I am on the Board of Directors for Babe Ruth again, it will give me something to do and maybe keep me out of a bit of trouble.  I am on vacation this week, using up the remainder of my time for the year.  It has been a nice relaxing week.

Nothing much else going on, I guess I am preparing for winter hiberation.

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An almost mandatory update…

It is now the middle of October, I didn’t want to post at the beginning of the month and start some regular monthly update, that would put too much pressure on me.

September was good – the hot weather stayed for most of the month but I did have to start using the heat a few days here and there towards the end of the month.  Actually, I think I had to turn it on for the first time before summer officially ended, but hey, it’s Calgary.

I did quite a bit of umpiring in September and early this month, Fall Ball.  Not the best quality baseball but not that bad either.  I am done now, it has been too cold, generally, to want to stand outside and call balls and strikes and safes and outs.  It was, in general, a good season of baseball.

I was off of work last week, used some vacation time.  Nice and relaxing, other than having a cold which is now gone.  I also have insomnia again, it is a yearly thing.  Lots of fun there.  If it is like previous years, it will stick around for 3-4 months or so and then I will sleep well again.

I did buy a lottery ticket on Friday, expecting to be able to retire today.  Well, I am working so guess how I did on the lottery.

Have a good one, until the next update.  🙂

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My monthly blog entry?

It looks like I am not in the blogging mood lately, another month has passed and no blog entries during August, other than welcoming it in.  Well, August is over and it is now September.  Wow.

August was a pretty relaxed month.  No umpiring, other than a tournament last weekend.  It was my birthday at the beginning of the month, happy birthday to me, I suppose.

Fall Ball starts this weekend so that will keep me out of trouble for September and into October, depending on how long the nice weather holds out.

Nothing else much going on so not a lot to report.  Enjoy September.

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August already?

Wow – It looks like I didn’t post at all during the month of July.

July was a good month.  I had two weeks off of work, a staycation.  Babe Ruth was hosting back to back Regional baseball tournaments that I helped with.  Saw some good ball, saw some not so good ball.  It was a good couple of weeks.  The dogs and I visited various dog parks most mornings, I had happy and tired dogs.

I was back to work yesterday and I was used to going back to bed after feeding the dogs – yesterday was a tiring day, I guess one gets used to sleeping in pretty quickly.  Today will be an easier day I am sure.

I did quite a bit of umpiring the first half of the month as well.  Didn’t make myself available while I was off but did do one AAA playoff game where no one else was available or willing.

July was also hot, the hottest since I have been in Calgary and apparently, one of the hottest ever.  Day time temps were in the upper 20’s and low 30’s.  The house wasn’t too bad, did heat up in the evenings though.  This wasn’t a typical summer, at least what I’ve become used to in Calgary anyway.

So, it is August already.  There won’t be much, if any umpiring this month since Babe Ruth wraps up until Fall Ball.  I don’t like umpiring the Senior Men’s league so I will be taking it easier this month I think.

After my first year not coaching baseball, I am happy to report that I didn’t miss it.  I was worried that I would but this was a good summer.  I was able to set my own schedule for umpiring and wasn’t at the park 6 days as week.  I am sure I will go back to it at some point but for now, this is working well.

Back to work for me – enjoy your day and have a good August.

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Happy Canada Day

Just a quick update.  My second 4-day weekend was good, nice and relaxing.  I umpired a few games, took the dogs to the park a few times, had a few naps.  Sounds like I am ready for retirement.  Well, who isn’t?  Only issue is that I’d be out of money pretty quick.  Guess I will continue working.

This is a long weekend as well since Saturday is Canada’s birthday, we get Monday off.  No umpiring this weekend, most of the leagues aren’t playing.  I will enjoy the time off.  The weather is supposed to be nice which is good.  No plans on going to watch fireworks anywhere.  Not sure if I will see them from my place or not.  The dogs aren’t frightened by them anyway so that’s good.

Next Friday is Stampede Day in Calgary so it is the office event day, the office is closed so I am off – yes, I don’t work in the office but I still get it off.  That means next week is a 3 day work-week.

My two weeks of vacation is coming up too, it will be nice being off.  I am not sure when the last time I had back to back weeks off, but it has been a while.

Can’t believe July is already here.  Time flies.  Happy Canada Day.

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Four day weekends

I had a four day weekend this past weekend.  I have another four day weekend coming up so this is a nice, short, three day work-week.

The four day weekend zoomed by as quickly as a normal 2 day weekend though.  Friday was a relaxing day.  I went to an Okotoks Dawgs baseball game in the evening.  It started raining in the 3rd inning.  We got a little wet and were cold and after 45 minutes or so, we decided to pack it in.  The game did eventually restart but would not have finished until close to midnight.  Past my bedtime.

I had breakfast out on Saturday morning followed by a trip to the dog park.  There is almost always a trip to the dog park.  I umpired in the afternoon – good ball game, except for the whiny coach from Edmonton.

Sunday I took the car for a long trip, first since I bought it.  I drove to Cranbrook, BC and met a co-worker for lunch.  It was a good drive, good food and good to see a co-worker that I’d normally only see at our IT Conferences.  I made it with just over one tank of gas so the mileage was great.

I umpired again last night to round out the long weekend.  Will be a good pay day at the end of the month, I’ve done quite a few games this month.

I am sure this week will fly by.  I am off Friday and Monday again but no real plans as yet.  I do have umpiring this weekend but otherwise nothing is going on.  Sounds good to me.

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A little down time

I have had a house guest since Sunday night again, Lita, my friends’ dog.  Lita is going home this afternoon.  The four of them had fun playing outside all day Monday and yesterday until after dinner when it decided to start raining.  It is raining again today so they are inside and are all sleeping, I think they are tired out.

I have back to back 4 day weekends coming up, will be nice having some time off of work.  I am heading to an Okotoks Dawgs baseball game on Friday evening with a co-worker.  I have not been to a game in a few years.  Great ball park down there.  I am glad I looked online for tickets, they were almost sold out.  I was able to get a pair of tickets right behind the plate in the second row.  Should be a good time.

I have a few umpiring assignments thrown in, Thursday, Saturday and Monday.  All plate games.  Sunday, I am taking a day trip to Cranbrook, BC.  I am just going for lunch actually, the drive will be nice.  I have not been to BC since 1986 when I drove from Calgary to Vancouver for Expo 86.  I am taking two different mountain passes on Sunday so it will be a nice drive.  It will also be the first time I have had the new car out for a long run.

No other plans really.  I am sure the dogs and I will go for a hike or two.  I am looking forward to a little down time.  For those of you who are Fathers, have a good Fathers Day.

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Another week in the books

Another week just about over.  I did some umpiring last weekend and again on Monday, I umpire again tonight and a double-header on Sunday.  It has been a warm week and the house heated up some.  No need for AC, but Hera thinks there is.  It’s comfortable and for a change, Twix isn’t cold.  Blondie doesn’t seem to mind it.  Last night we had a rather powerful thunderstorm roll through.  Had torrential rain, a bit of hail and a fairly nice light show.  Since I am now in the NW where we often get hail, I am very glad to have a garage, I don’t need little dents and dings on my car.  I am glad that none of the dogs are afraid of thunderstorms.

Speaking of dogs, I will have a visitor for a few days again, Lita is coming for a few nights on Sunday evening again.  At least she’s learned I am trustworthy so she won’t be afraid of me for the first day and a half.  It should be a fun visit this time around.

Next weekend I am using some of my banked lieu time and taking a 4 day weekend.  I am looking forward to some relax time.  Right now, I have no umpiring scheduled for that weekend, I am sure some games will come around though, I hope so anyway.

I have two weeks booked off in July, I will be helping with the tournaments that Babe Ruth is hosting. I have an idea for a road trip in the back of my head – I am thinking of driving to Colorado for 4 or 5 days in total – catch a Rockies game or two.  That will be in August, if I decide to go.

Well, the weekend is here in a few hours, enjoy.

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It’s already June?

I am unsure where the month of May went, but it is just about over.  It was a pretty good month, lots of umpiring, not insane at work but busy enough to keep me out of trouble and, in general, nice weather and lots of time in parks with the dogs without them getting all mucky.

Our rainy season will start in a couple of weeks and will last until the mid-end of July.  It sort of throws a wrench into baseball games.  It also makes going to the dog parks a little tougher – we typically don’t go out when it is raining, I don’t like getting wet, neither do the dogs.

Nothing too exciting planned for June – I am sure I will get about 10-15 games to umpire.  I am not going anywhere that I am aware of.  No vacation time planned either.

So, hopefully, your June is more exciting than the June I have planned.  A bit of boring is OK with me though.  🙂

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The weekend, dog parks & umpiring

The weekend is here after a holiday shortened week.  The week flew by, as most weeks do – something about getting older, perhaps?  It wasn’t overly busy, but I have enough to keep me out of trouble at work at any rate.

Blondie, Hera, Twix and I just got in from the dog park, we were playing ChuckIt and now they are tired.  I hear, and believe, that a tired dog is a happy dog.  All three are zonked out on the floor, likely because it is cooler.  It isn’t hot out by any means, but when you run, full out after a ball for 45 minutes or so, I guess it will tire you out.  I get in a fair amount of walking myself so that isn’t bad either.

I am heading out shortly to do an inventory of baseball uniforms that we have in our equipment shed.  I have an assistant helping me, so we shouldn’t be any longer than an hour at most, I don’t think.  That will give me a good handle on what we have and will make ordering a lot easier next year.

This afternoon I am umpiring a double-header with a former baseball Dad of mine, should be fun.  An A game (I am on the plate) then a AA game with me on the bases.  I umpired on Thursday night at Foothills Stadium and had to eject a coach.  My partner called a balk on the pitcher (after neither of us called about 3 or 4 in a row) and the coach lost it.  Well, teach your player to pause before pitching and we won’t call balks on him.  Anyway, he whined and whined and I had heard enough, so I asked him to leave.  Yeah, that’s what I did.  Arrogant little coach anyway, oh well.

Tomorrow, I think the four of us are meeting with Lita and her Mom to go for a hike in Edworthy Park, it is supposed to be a beautiful day.  I think spring has finally arrived.

That will cause the weekend to go by even quicker than the week – always seems to happen.  Have you ever heard of someone saying that the weekend is dragging on?  Enjoy yours.

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