Lots going on…

Apparently, one of the Alberta offices is moving locations in August. Being from Calgary, I have been tasked with helping with the office move. I will be heading to Lethbridge for a weekend in August.  That will mean putting Blondie and Hera into boarding for the weekend. I have an email out to the person who they are boarding with in September to see if she is available – I am waiting to hear back. If that falls through, then I will board them down at Country Club.

One minor issue is that I no longer have a working vehicle so getting them to Country Club will require the assistance of a friend. Well, more of a loan of a vehicle then the friend helping…

So, this will be the first time I have done an office move, should be fun.  As I write this, we are having a meeting to discuss the specifics.  I am sorta bored with meetings, I am listening but it isn’t rocket science.

Nothing too much going on this week.  Work, of course. I might try to catch some of the AAA Babe Ruth play-off action.  It starts tonight but I think I will catch Thursday’s game as a winner could be declared.  If it is split Thursday, the final is Friday.

This week has the Stampeders playing at home on Saturday against Montreal.  A friend of mine is coming along.  It is supposed to be a hot weekend, should be good.

Next week is a short week – Monday is a holiday, Civic Holiday but I don’t think it is called that in Alberta.  Heritage Day sounds right.  Next Friday, the 7th, is my flex day so only a 3 day week.  Not a bad deal.

Anyway, back to the meeting – almost wrapped up. :)

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Back to the old grind…

Back to work after a week off today.  I got up at 3:30am to take the dogs for a walk since I start work at 4:40am on Mondays.  The dogs don’t seem to mind, they sleep anyway.  It is good walking at that time, no one else is up and about.  We don’t see anyone else walking, imagine that and we only see the occasional car.

We got home around 4am and then I still have 30+ minutes before I start work.  It was busy this morning, one of the busier days BUT, still, it doesn’t go by as quickly as the days went by when I was off.  What’s up with that?  Oh well.

So, back to work – I don’t mind though, I enjoy my job.

This weekend I also worked on a co-workers computer.  Her laptop had a few viruses and some spyware / malware.  I got rid of that.  I will return her computer this afternoon and she should be happy.

No plans for tonight.  Now that baseball is over, I can relax a bit in the evenings. It is a good time to go to the dog park as well. If it does get hot during the day, the evenings cool off well.

I am currently vehicle-less. My truck would not start on Saturday after the tournament. It was either a faulty ignition or a bad starter – so the CAA guy thought. I am not going to worry about it until after my trip in September. I don’t need a vehicle right now.  I am good with Car2Go and with Calgary Transit for my transportation needs.  If I had to take the dogs any distance, I could use a taxi.  I think the only thing that really keeps me in a vehicle is that I coach baseball.  I could get away without one, if I could get someone else to carry the equipment.  Actually, the equipment isn’t even an issue, it is more the baseballs. Who knows, maybe I will try it, sometime.  Shouldn’t be too difficult.

So, on Mondays, I start really early.  I also finish early.  I am on lunch at the moment and when I get back, I only have 1.5 hours remaining.  Not bad at all.

Enjoy your week.

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My week off is over…

The week long baseball tournament that Babe Ruth Calgary hosted ended yesterday afternoon. The final was a good game, until the 8th inning. It was tied at the end of 7, the eventual losers of the game seemed to be out of pitching. It ended up as an 11-6 score. All in all, an excellent tournament. There were a lot of positive comments from parents and coaches so that’s good.

So, after the game, I return to my truck and it won’t turn over. Nice. Luckily for me, I have CAA Plus. I called, was told a truck would be there within 2 hours. 45 minutes later, a truck is there. He tries a couple of things, we can’t get it going so he tows me home. Now that baseball is over, I really don’t need a vehicle all that much. Transit in the city is pretty darn good and there is also the Car2Go service. I think I’ll be waiting until I return from Ontario to have whatever is wrong fixed – I’m trying to save some money for thr trip. So, I’ll walk and maybe get back on the bike as well.

Today there is a dog event today, Pet-a-polloza, in the downtown area, I think I’ll zip by with the dogs. I’m considering taking the bus there, will have to find out if I’m allowed to take two dogs on the bus or if the limit is one. We can walk, it would be a bit of a jaunt. Walk one way, taxi back? That might work too… If not, then we will go to the dog park. It is supposed to be nice today, a little cool perhaps.

Back to work tomorrow, 24 hours from now, exactly. It was a good week off.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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The week that was…

My week off is just about over. In fact, you might consider that it is over now since we are back to the weekend. It was a good week off, sorta relaxing, saw some excellent baseball, saw so,e not so good baseball as well.

Yesterday was the playoff round for the Babe Ruth Regional Tournament. Calgary, as host, had two entries. Both our AA Blues and AAA Blues were in. Oddly enough, they met yesterday in the quarter finals. It was close for a few innings and then the AAA’s pulled ahead and won, 12-2 in 7 innings. They went on to the semi finals and lost, unfortunately, 5-0. Today is the championship game, starts at noon.

Before then, I want to take the dogs to the dog park, need to take a couch to the dump (damn thing fit through the door, wouldn’t go around the corners, too tall to stand up – oh well. It was actually a good thing I guess. When it was outside, in natural light, I saw how dirty it was. It needed a professional cleaning, that’s for sure. I have found a few “leather like” futons which will work. For now, I still only have a chaise in the living room and now have two dogs who squeeze onto it with me, a big, happy family.

Tomorrow, I might take my dogs to an event downtown, Dog-a-Polooza, I think it is called. A bunch of dog friendly vendors, seeking who knows what. This will depend in weather of course. Being made of sugar, I don’t want to melt going out in the rain.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Flying by…

My week off is flying by. Work weeks go by pretty quickly as well but it is Thursday already. Only 4 days off left so I am more than half way done. It’s been an enjoyable week.

There has been some good baseball in the tournament that we are running. The AA team lost their first game, pretty badly but bounced back nicely yesterday afternoon for a good win, after a delayed start due to storms in the area with funnel clouds pictured – sorta scary. The AAA team crushed their opponent, final was somewhere in the neighbourhood of 21-1. The round robin wraps up today with playoffs tomorrow and the championship on Saturday. 

Hera is proving to be one pretty good puppy. I need to clear her of some bad habits but they are coming around as well. One of them is her chewing on Blondie’s ears. Blondie really doesn’t like it, can’t say I blame her though. She has yelped a couple of times before I can catch Hera in the act. She’s getting better on this though.

I am sure Blondie is asking why I brought a puppy into the house. Well, Zeus definitely asked that question a little over 4 years ago. They do get along well, the wrestling is fun to watch and I can tell Blondie is tired out, so is Hera. It also takes some of my need to “entertain” Blondie away from me.

Hera goes to the vet today. All adoptions from the Humane Society come with a free checkup so that’s great. She also needs her last two shots, rabies and kennel cough. I also need to refill her subscription for her pills. She takes them very easily in a pill pocket. I’m going to switch to a half cheese slice or something though, pill pockets aren’t cheap. 

So, on tap for today. I have an appointment with a personal trainer at GoodLife, this is included with my membership. I the. Take the dogs to the vet, Blondie just for the ride. Scoring two baseball games and then I think Blondie, Hera and I will watch the evening game. All in all, not a bad day.

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My week off

Yesterday was really my first day of vacation. I’m always off on the weekend, so Saturday and Sunday don’t really count as vacation days.

Saturday was a relaxing day. I met with the lady who will board Blondie and Hera. We walked around a new dog park (we will return, possibly today) and had a great nap in the afternoon. It is nice that dogs like napping, likely more than I do.

Sunday was my baseball teams year end party. The paintball was good, I didn’t play. I could have, but I decided to sit out. I actually read for an hour or so which is a luxury I don’t normally get. After paintball, we had a BBQ, great food. I was given two gift cards from the team, $50 at Boston Pizza, one of my favourite places to eat and $15 at Tim Hortons. I think I’ll save the Tim’s card until my trip to Ontario. The BP card likely won’t last that long.

Yesterday was the opening ceremonies for the Babe Ruth Regional tournament. It was quick, which is nice. Weather was great and should be all week. I had a tough job, handing out ice cream bars.  I am score keeping for the rest of the week and will see some great baseball.

Hera is settling in quite well. She and Blondie are going to be best friends, I’m sure of that. Right now, Hera is bugging Blondie a bit much, but that is a puppy thing to do. It is a sort of revenge for the way that Blomdie tormented Zeus when she joined the family. I am sure, years from now, that a new puppy will torment Hera and the cycle will continue. I don’t see my life without a dog and more than likely two dogs. I prefer two, they can play with each other and leave me out of it occasionally.

Well, I am off to do something productive before I head to baseball around noon. Enjoy your week :-)

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Open Letter Regarding My Termination


The Niagara Region is, by far, the worst employer anyone could ever have. Employees are forbidden to express a negative view and this is off Government who wastes tax payer money like it is going out of style, clueless Council and Management – it amazes me that they haven’t imploded…

Originally posted on niagaranext:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Greg Miller. I was born and raised in St. Catharines and I’m a local volunteer basketball coach, Rotarian, member of the Chamber’s emerging generation panel and, until recently, Niagara Region Transit Coordinator. In addition to this, I’ve operated the anonymous online account NiagaraNext for the last five years. This account has enabled me to voice my opinions on matters of importance to Niagara to approximately 300 Twitter users.

On July 10, a local media organization, Bullet News, divulged my anonymous online persona, which led to my termination. Since then, various comments have been made in the media and I would like to take the opportunity to set the record straight.

I was identified as NiagaraNext by John Robbins, managing editor of Bullet News Niagara. It should be noted that users are invited to and allowed to post anonymously on Bullet News Niagara…

View original 1,170 more words

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Such a good puppy

I met with a lady who does home boarding for dogs. We met at a local dog park that I had not visited before, I didn’t know it existed actually. Calgary had a lot of dog parks, quite a great city for that, for sure.

So, we met at 10am, I needs to get Blondie and Hera to meet her dog, a little chihuahua, a cute little guy (or girl). Her rates are excellent, $45 per day for the pair. They have a large three level backyard and take the dogs to the dog park every other day. For home care, I’m going for it, it is a better environment than a kennel. The kennel that I had previously taken Zeus and Blondie to was excellent, but, it is a kennel. They are in a cage for most of the day, that can’t be a lot of fun.

The dogs met some new dog friends. Blondie, of course, loves most other dogs and Hera was good with everyone as well. 

We headed home, both dogs were a bit tired. I had to umpire at 1pm, there was, for some reason a shortage of available umpires this weekend. I thought, although I’ve only had Hera a few days, she hasn’t tried to chew on anything that doesn’t belong to her so when I left, I gave her run of the house. I was figuring, if she wrecked something, the experiment failed.

I was out for four hours and when I got home, no disagree, nothing. I was very happy with her and drenched her  with praise. Such a good puppy. Blondie was good as well, of course, but I expected that. 

We had a short nap and then went and watched part of a ball game. Both dogs are pretty tried. I’ve heard, a tired dog is a happy dog.

Tomorrow is our team party. I don’t think I’m going to partake in paintball. I think I’ll help the coach who’s hosting the bbq setup. Yeah, that’s a good excuse.

I’m off this week and am looking forward to it. Have a great week as well.


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Blondie and Hera

Hera has been with us for a little over 12 hours now.  I must admit, she is a pretty good puppy.

Blondie has, more or less, made her feel welcome.  There was the initial surprise when I opened the door and a dog wanted to come in of course, I think that is natural.  They wrestled a bit, likely looking for dominance.  Blondie seems to have won that battle which is good.

Blondie also doesn’t particularly care to share her toys and bones. She didn’t really like sharing with Zeus either but she is tolerating it.  Right now, Hera is chomping away at one of the Nylar bones and although there are at least three others in visible range, Blondie wants this one…  Sigh…

Last night was good.  The rain let up enough for the three of us to go for a walk. For the last few weeks I had been making Blondie heel on walks which she does very well – not sure where she learned that, I did some training when I first got her, but that was over 4 years ago now.

Blondie wasn’t heeling, mind you, I wasn’t making her either.  Hera on the other hand didn’t pull at all which is nice.  She is a big bog now and is going to be a huge dog and pulling could be an issue. Hera did try to wrap the leash around me a few times by trying to go around the wrong way but I will get her out of that habit.

We went to bed around 10:30 and all three of us were able to share a double bed pretty easily. Blondie immediately went to the top of the bed, I don’t think she wanted to be pushed down like she was when we had a nap earlier in the day.  Hera settled in around my legs and decided that my calf would make a good pillow.  OK, whatever.  Who am I to say no?  Yes, my dogs are pretty well spoiled, what the heck.

Hera did wake me up around 1am.  Not sure what she might have heard, it was short lived.  I might get up early, not that early.  We did get up at 3am for a pee break.  That’s OK.  I dozed on and off until nearly 5am when we got up.  No walk this morning since it is pouring rain – again.  It isn’t supposed to rain in July, didn’t the weather man read that report?

If there is baseball on tonight (Babe Ruth playoffs) we will drop by the park.  If not, we will do something else – maybe just go for a ride in the truck.  The two haven’t been for a ride together as yet.  Saturday, the three of us are meeting with a lady who boards dogs in her home when their owners are away.  She had pretty good rates and the reviews are top notch.  We are meeting at a dog park, need to make sure my dogs like her dog.  I am sure they will – Blondie likes every other dog she’s ever encountered and Hera is a pup and they like everyone by default.  If it works out, it will save me some money.  I don’t want Hera to be free in the dog park as yet since she still needs a rabies shot and kennel cough shot as well.  Vet appointment for next week when I am off and it is covered by the Humane Society, which is nice.  I haven’t decided if I am going to the vet I have used since coming to Alberta or a new vet closer to home – I am leaning towards the new vet.

Sunday will be Hera’s first time in the house without me – we have our team party for baseball.  I am planning on putting her in the kitched (galley style) and using part of Blondie’s cage to barricade the open end – should work.

So, first day was a success I would say.  Blondie and I (I will speak for Blondie) are happy to have Hera as part of the family.

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It’s a girl !!!

I received a call last night that Hera’s surgery was complete (she had to be spayed) and she was ready to come home.

Today, I took the afternoon off (2 hours vacation time) and lefty place around 1215 to head to the Humane Society.


This is as Hera and I are waiting for discharge information from the onsite vet.

She was excellent heading home, rides in the truck really well. We stopped at the pet store in my neighbourhood to pick up a leash that matches the collar I got on the weekend. They staff loved her at first sight, can’t say I blame them.

We got home and I opened the door and Blondie’s reaction was far better than a little over 4 years ago when I brought her home and Zeus was completely insulted at her very existence.

I think they will be good friends. She’s been great, walked well and we all had a nap too.

Here’s to many years of a happy family.

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