I don’t mind snow, just not this time of year…

Well, it is around 2C and white stuff is falling from th sky. This has resulted in my baseball game scheduled for 2pm being cancelled. I am not sure if it will be rescheduled for sometim this week, I sort of doubt it though. Even if it was dry, we wouldn’t be playing, cold temps don’t go well with baseball, it is much mor of a football thing.

So, now what do I do with myself today? I do have some groceries to get. I do have to fill my truck with gas, although that is much more of an activity to do while on my way somewhere. M&M Meats is a destination for today for sure. Does that not sound overly exciting?

If it doesn’t snow too hard or for too long, we will take a trip to the dog park. I am not sure how much sno Hera has seen in her lifetime. She would have been a very young pup last winter and may not have spent a lot of time outside, plus, we had very little snow last winter. I’m sure she’ll like it, she wears a nice, thick, fur coat. 

Tonight is one of the best BBQ places in th city. Looking forward to that. Hopefully, the snow won’t stick around and also doesn’t make it too wet to play some ball tomorrow. Guess we will see.

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The weekend

Today, the high is supposed to be around 20C or so.  Not bad for October 2, for sure.  Tomorrow, it will be around 4C and wet snow or rain.  Yes, typical for Calgary for sure.

We have three ball games this weekend.  One Saturday and two on Sunday.  Even if the weather is dry tomorrow, 4C is not baseball weather and I doubt that we will play the game.  We only have 6 games left this season.  The 16 games has zipped by pretty quickly.

So, likely no ball tomorrow.  That sort of sucks.  I am not sure when we would be able to make the game up if we don’t play.  There is next week but I guess we will see.

I am heading to a great BBQ place in the city with a friend from high school who’s moved to Calgary.  Will be a good evening for sure.

So, Sunday, double header.  The weather is supposed to be better, low teens for temps and dry.  It is crunch time now, push for the playoffs.  Winter will descend any time now so the baseball season will be wrapping up, sooner or later – and likely sooner.

The Babe Ruth banquet is on the 22nd.  It is held at the Red and White Club at McMahon Stadium.  Great food and this year they have a comedian to entertain us.  I am sure, positively sure that he will be better than the speaker last year – she confused everyone in the place.

Anyway, here’s to some warm and dry weather this weekend – it likely won’t work, for Saturday anyway, but I am pretty sure that the forecast has been wrong before.  Enjoy your weekend.

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Happy October !!!

Wow, it is October already.  September zipped by in what seemed like the blink of an eye.  Now, I was off for 2 weeks so when you are on vacation, time goes by even faster, I am sure. When on vacation, I hear you can do the Kessel Run in 10 parsecs.  :)

So, a look back on September.

Fall Ball started back on the 1st.  It was a slow start to Fall Ball as the weather did not cooperate at all.  Typically, August and September are VERY dry.  This year, it was VERY wet.  The last 2 weeks of September have dried out, so that’s good.  As I have said, I am really enjoying coaching, or managing, Fall Ball.  It is a very laid back atmosphere which is nice, not that the spring league is pressure packed.  It is also nice having players from other teams come together and become friends with one another.

I had my two week vacation.  I was off from Friday the 4th and didn’t return to work until the 21st.  I don’t recall ever having that much time off of work previously.  Maybe over the Christmas break a time or two, not sure.  I flew to Ontario in a shortened trip.  Likely should have just stayed in Alberta.  I left early and the flight ended up costing nearly $950 with the fees for changing the return flight.  Oh well.  I don’t plan on going back until and unless my company has another conference which may happen next September / October.  We will see, I suppose.

For the two weeks I did work in September, it was busy.  September is the start of our busy time.  September – November and the start of December actually.  I won’t be bored, that’s for sure.

So, now we are into October.  Fall Ball is going strong.  We have three games scheduled for this coming weekend, Saturday and a double header on Sunday.  Saturday isn’t looking good, weather wise – highs of around 5C and flurries or rain.  Even if it is dry, playing in 5C weather is not good for arms so Saturday is likely a write-off.  Sunday should be dry at least, and a little warmer.  Saturday night I am meeting a friend from high school who’s moved to Calgary for BBQ – Big T’s in the North West.  If you are in the area and have not been, it is a must try.

So, hopefully October will be good.  Enjoy.

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A week to catch up…

This week has been a little slower paced, which is nice. Work has been busy, but not insane busy. I had my salary review yesterday, decent pay increase despite the economic turn down. I was happy with that. I’m also really enjoying my job. It is obviously nice not having to commute to work on a daily basis but also, the people that I work with are generally pret good.

No mid-week baseball games this week.  We do have a practice on Thursday evening though. We will continue to concentrate on hitting and outfield defence and throw in some infield drills as well. The team is coming together well, everyone is improving and the players that I’d expect to be team leaders are just that.

We have three games scheduled this weekend. I’m willing to bet that the Saturday game will be postponed though. The forecast is calling for 5C as a high and flurries. Not ideal baseball weather. Sunday’s forecast is improved, low teens and sunny. Well, it is (or will be) October in Calgary.

I’ve been invited to a friends place for Thanksgiving dinner which is nice. Sounds like a bunch of singles with no local family are getting together, should be a good evening. Turkey is one of my favourite dishes. I was actually considering buying a stuffed turkey this year and going all out, now I don’t have to. Maybe I’ll do that at Christmas time.

Next week is the Flames home opener and I’m going. I was able to get a single ticket, no doubles were available, except the used market where the price is typically a bit high. Should be a good Tim, I still want to secure a home jersey from someone, hopefully I can find one. I don’t want to spend $150 or so on a jersey, not at the moment anyway.

There, you are all caught up on me. :-)

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What a weekend of ball

It was a busy weekend of baseball with two games on Saturday and a third on Sunday. That folow d a Wednesday night game as well, so 4 games in 5 days. The team is coming together quite well. The hitting is timely, defence is solid and the pitchers are throwing ball well. We are throwing runners out at the bases on steal attempts and on the other side of the coin, we are stealing bases with ease, it would seem.

We swept the weekend series, 3 games and 3 wins. This bring us to a 5-4 record and second place in the 5 team league. We have some recoup time now with no games scheduled until this coming weekend.

Speaking of this coming weekend, the long range forecast is calling for possible snow. That doesn’t go well with baseball, not at all. Not that I believe a forecast nearly a week out of course. They can’t typically get tomorrow’s forecast correct, never mind 5 days out. 

So, in short, congrats to the Babe Ruth Fall Ball Bandits on an awesome weekend of ball, good job all around.  Congrats as well to the Toronto Blue Jays in securing their first post season spot since the early 90’s. It’ll be nice watching the Jays in some post season action. Winning the AL East is the next goal and I think their magic number is no down to 4. I’m sure the Yankees will find a way to blow it, that is presuming the Jays don’t continue to crush the ball. Hope they make it deep into the post season.

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A weekend of baseball

Yesterday, my Fall Ball team, the Bandits had a double header. The first game was at 2pm with the back half starting at 5pm.

The day started out cold, ended that way as well, but the 2pm game was actually quite nice, the sun was shining brightly and temps were in the upper teens. 

We played two good games, kept leads in both and were never in serious jeopardy of losing either game. Starting pitching was solid, the relievers did a great job and we had some clutch defence when it was needed. The offence has come around and we are hitting the ball quite well. We still have a few players who struggle with the the bat, hopefully they’ll continue to improve. It is tough to get ahead though, when you don’t come to practice.

We finish the weekend today with the late game. It would be sweet to sweep the weekend, guess I will see what happens. 

Fall Ball has been enjoyable. We have a good crop of players, eager to learn the game and those that have played for a while, eager to improve their skills. It is great to see players from other Babe Ruth teams imprv e as well, if I can return them to their club teams as better players then when I got them, my job is done. I also made my third base debut yesterday in the late game. We scored 4 runs in the first and never looked back. We were aggressive and smart on the bases, exactly what I like to see.

At least with a few wins, it shows me that I sort of know what I’m doing, I was getting a little worried earlier this year as wins were few and far between. I’ve skill got a strong coaching bug, so that’s good. I can see coaching with Babe Ruth for a while.

Go Bandits !!!

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A busy week, a busy weekend…

My week back to work after two weeks off was a little crazy. September is likely IT’s busiest month of the year and the last quarter is by far our busiest quarter. It flew by which is great.

I made a trip into the Calgary offic yesterday, nice to see some former coworkers. Well, not former, but people that I used to see on a daily basis. I’m starting to get busier on the server team, I think it is going to be enjoyable. It is a good thing wh you love what you do for a living.

It was also a busy week of baseball. We played a game Wednesday, was a good evening. Thursday night is practice night. We only had 8 guys out to practice but those that were there had a good session. There is also a benefit to coming to practice, they will start the first game today and most will play a full game. 

So, today we have a double header. It isn’t supposed to be overly warm, highs around 12C but it’ll be dry. We play at 2 and 5. We also play tomorrow, late game. I’m enjoying Fall Ball. A few players look like very good prospects to be drafted in the 2016 draft. I haven’t seen any catcher prospects as yet, none who,are ready for AAA anyway. We will see who comes out to evaluations in the late winter sessions.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Baseball review…

We made up one of our ball games from a few weeks ago, it was rained out back on September 5.  Last night was a good night for ball, mild, temps in the upper teens.  The sun at Glenmore Park in the evening is brutal for the first basemen and right fielder.  Luckily, in the first 10-15 minutes of the game, the sun dips down below the trees and they can see.

We started out well, scored 2 runs in the top of the first.  My pitcher took the mound – he’s a side arm thrower, pretty good control and a different look for batters facing him as well.  He threw well, put the ball into play, but, the guys behind him couldn’t seem to make a play if their lives depended on it.

Fifty pitches and ten runs later, the inning was over and we were down 10-2.  Not a great start, after all.

He came out of the game, his choice, I was going to give him another inning and a young pitcher went in, it was my first look at him.  He threw the next 5 2/3 innings and threw well.  The defence behind him improved greatly as well.  We were almost done in the top of the 5th inning, down by 10 runs but were able to score a run to go into the bottom of the 5th.  The game ended in the 7th, as it should with us losing 17-10, but really, it was much closer than that.

I am happy with the progress of this team for sure and am liking what I am seeing from some of the new players to Babe Ruth.  If they come out next winter, I can see potentially drafting some of them.

I am really enjoying coaching Fall Ball.  I am having more fun than I have in recent years.  The guys are relaxed, they are having fun as well.  It is an easy going evening coaching this team, which is good for everyone I am sure.

We have another month or so in the season, hoping for some continued good weather.  We have a practice tonight and three weekend games – two on Saturday and a late game on Sunday.  Wish us some luck.

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A busy Monday, back to work…

As I’ve written, yesterday was my first day back to work in a little over two weeks.  Mondays are always our busiest day of the week and Mondays in September are a little more insane.  The day went by quickly, to say the least.

I am glad to be back to a regular routine though.  The commute to my office was a little slow today, there was a dog in my way.  Tough times…

Nothing else on the agenda for the day for me.  No baseball, we are back on the field tomorrow.  As long as the weather is nice, I am planning on taking the dogs to River Park after work for an hour or so.  It is good for all of us.  Blondie and Hera will go after the ball continuously without ever tiring of it.  I purchased a Chuck-it, whoever invented that is likely a millionaire.  You don’t need to get slobber all over yourself and you don’t need to use any real arm action to throw the ball a hundred feet or more.  Great invention.

I plan on going into the office on Friday morning.  I have to prep some laptops for an upcoming conference.  The conference is in Banff at the Banff Centre.  The food and accommodations are amazing.  It is nestled right in the middle of a few mountains and the views are awesome.  By the end of October, the weather is often cold and white as well.  The dogs will be boarding just for one night, drop them off around 4pm and pick them up 24 hours later.  I am actually looking forward to this conference – there isn’t really a lot to do, most times.  Make sure everyone has the software they need and that is about it.  Banff is only an hour or so away as well, makes for a nice drive.

Well, I best get going and start working – enjoy your week.

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A no hitter…

Yesterday, I witnessed the best game of baseball that I have coached since moving to Alberta and one of the best games that I have ever been a part of.

We played the early game, 10am start and the weather was beautiful.  It was warm, 15C (not bad for the morning, this time of year) and partly cloudy.  The diamond was in great shape as well which is always nice.

The “senior” player on the team got the start on the mound.  By senior, he’s one of our two 18 year olds.  In the top of the 1st, he easily found the rather small strike zone and got three up three down.  The Bandits did him excellent service and we scored 10 runs.  It has to be a great feeling for pitcher when his offence comes alive and he returns in the second inning with a 10 run lead.

Excellent defence kept the opposition off the bases with just about every team member having a part in our great D.  Two runners did get on base, through errors, keeping his no hitter alive.  I guess, if you are going to let someone on, you might as well make an error when the pitcher is trying for a no hitter, as rare as they are.

After 4 innings completed, we had a comfortable 15 run lead (15-0) and I had a relief pitcher warm up.  I didn’t realize at that time that we had a no hitter in the works so of course he returned to the mound.  The reliever, being a true team player had no issues with not taking the hill and will start in our next outing.

We retired the side in the 5th inning to win via mercy rule, we were up 15-0 at the time.  It was a good baseball day, that’s for sure.  In thinking back, I don’t specifically remember one of my pitchers ever throwing a game like that – it might have happened, I’ve coached a long time.

At any rate, congrats to the Bandits on an excellent game and good luck for the rest of the Fall Ball season.

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