It’s been a while

Wow, almost a month since my last post.  Not sure why I haven’t posted…

So, baseball is happening.  Well, not outside baseball, still a little cold and the ground is a little frozen.  We have been inside for several sessions and the teams are looking pretty good.  I am impressed with the hitting and from what I have seen of the pitching as well.  The two teams, AA and AAA will be split in the next couple of weeks and weather permitting, we will get outside by the end of the month.

My place is still a disaster area.  No flooring as yet because of the leaking from outside.  I am sure that work can’t happen until the ground thaws.  Lots of fun.

Work has been busy, I am still alone but there have been a few interviews so I am hoping to have a new co-worker in the next few weeks, by May 1 anyway.

All in all, it isn’t too bad.  With regards to the flooding, I didn’t have it anywhere near as bad as a lot of people with the flooding that the area had last June.  None of my stuff has been wrecked…  Sure, the unfinished concrete looks bad, but I still have a place to live.

I was going to start riding my bike in April but the first week was a little cold so I have pushed it back a month until May and will continue to take the bus in.

That’s it.  I’ve updated my blog.  Aren’t you happy?  :)  Until next time…

More on baseball

Yesterday morning, we had our team meeting – coaches, players, parents and the executive of the league spoke as well – they were supposed to speak for 30 minutes, they went a bit over, 50 minutes.  Oh well.

It was good to meet the players – in total, 21 of them were there, not bad out of 26.  A received a few responses indicating that they were out of town, hockey, or what not.

I received my baseball equipment.  Well, two teams of baseball equipment actually, I got the AA equipment and the AAA equipment as well plus game balls for the season, 6 dozen, perhaps more – I didn’t really do an inventory.

I told the players toward the end of the meeting that one thing that I don’t do is carry equipment.  They were nice enough to bring it all out to my truck and load it up for me.  Thanks guys.

We start indoor workouts on Tuesday evening.  We’ve decided for the first session to have everyone come out at the same time.  It will mean more standing around than we might like, but it will give me a chance to introduce myself to all players and get some background on them.

The season is less than two months off now, I am sure that time will pass quickly.  This weekend, the cold weather finally broke, it got into the low double digits yesterday and is supposed to do more of the same today.  Hopefully it will stick around.

Spring, and baseball, are right around the corner.

Happy Birthday, Blondie

Yesterday was Blondie’s 3rd birthday.

Blondie - 3rd Birthday


I am not sure why I didn’t post this yesterday, I did post the picture on Facebook and a number of people “liked” it and some made comments.  Thank you.

I am hoping, now that she is 3, that she will start to be a little better when and if I leave her out of her crate during the day.  I am hopeful.

As soon as my floors are back in and the place has been reassembled, I plan on starting her off with half days out of the crate.  As soon as she does something bad, like chewing on something that doesn’t belong to her, she will be back in.  The last time that I tried this, about six months ago, she started doing bad stuff about 2 weeks into her new found freedom.  She started slowly and I should have taken that as a cue that she wasn’t ready for being out of the crate.  She ended up destroying a pair of shoes, slippers, the leg of a chair…

Speaking of when my floors are back in place…  The contractor was supposed to be here on Saturday to measure for the new floor so he could do an estimate for the insurance company.  They didn’t show, they also didn’t contact me.  I texted him yesterday, was told that there were problems with the guys truck that was supposed to come – I suppose that is possible, it was in the low -20′s.  He said that they would be able to come over yesterday afternoon and they would contact me 30 minutes or so before so I could get home.

Well, some of us, you know, work and can’t just leave the office in the middle of the day, especially when it is a Monday, during busy season – the office was a bit insane yesterday.  So, I said no, that won’t work.  He suggested today, 9am.  OK, there is the whole work thing again…  I told him I leave for the office at 7:15 or so in the morning, come home at lunch and don’t get back home until 5:30 or so in the evening.  So, they are coming Wednesday at noon.

Hopefully, they will get the quote for insurance together quickly and then the go-ahead is given for the new floor to be installed and the kitchen put back together.  I am also hoping that the rebuild will start on the 10th or 11th, a week later than I was thinking it would initially be done.

I suppose, in the grande scheme of things, I don’t have it all that bad.  The place is still quite livable.  There are unfortunate people who still have places that they can’t live in from the floods of 2013 – that is now 8 months (or so) ago.  I don’t have a floor, and, when I say that, I do have a floor, it’s just concrete.  I still have a working kitching.  It isn’t that bad.  I am getting used to wearing shoes inside.  The floor isn’t even all that cold for some reason, likely because it is so warm down here.

So, here is to hoping that the reconstruction starts next week, let’s say by the 12th, finished by the 14th and then I can take part of the weekend to put everything back together.

Here is also to wishing Blondie a happy birthday, even though she really doesn’t likely understand that, at all.  She was likely happy that she got two Denta Sticks yesterday, and, I am sure Zeus was as well.

The draft is complete, now we need Spring

Today was the Babe Ruth Calgary draft.  The coaching staff met last night to go over our draft strategy.  Over the course of 4 or 5 evaluations on offence, defence, pitching and catching, we were able to rate the players, top to bottom.  To make sure we were all pretty well on the same page, we wanted to discuss what we were doing during the draft and it made for a smooth morning.  We drafted first overall so, other than a few protected players (a father coaching or a brother already playing), we had a choice of everyone remaining.

Our first pick pretty well came down to who the best player was and although we were likely in agreement of who that was, he had 3 years of eligibility left as opposed to another player who might not have been quite as good (now) but had 5 years left – we went with the younger player.

From those that I was wanting to be part of the team, I was able to get 3 out of 6 – the other choices seem solid as well.  I guess I will see once we get inside for workouts how we look but the real test will be once Spring finally arrives in this Arctic wasteland and it warms up.

Games aren’t scheduled until the end of April, at the earliest – weather permitting of course.  I am sure that those two months will pass quite quickly.

Next weekend we have a team / league meeting.  I sent out an email to all 26 players and families, hopefully the turnout will be good.  We start inside workouts on the 11th.

I am really looking forward to getting back on this side of the field.  I have enjoyed umpiring, but coaching is my real love.

Bring on Spring.  Bring on Baseball !!!


No floor, but it’s a wind tunnel…

On Friday, the renovation company arrived at 8:30am sharp.  They said that they would be done by noon or so, they were a little longer than that, likely because there was a lot more water damage than they expected.

They used a large wet/dry vacuum and got rid of at least 40 gallons of water from under the floor.  The baseboards were damaged in a few places and some of the drywall was damaged as well.

Kitchen - Floor

The kitchen was where a lot of the water pooled.  The cabinets were put in place after the floor was laid, so they had to be removed in order to get the floor out.  The counter top had to be disconnected from the cabinets and from the back splash.  Luckily, the tile was “disconnect” fairly cleanly and there is a box of extra tile to replace it.

Living Room - Floor


That is Blondie standing in front of one of the largest dehumidifiers that I have ever seen.

Dining Room - Hallway - Floor Living Room 2 - Floor


There were also three large dryers in the corners of the room creating a wind tunnel in here.  It was quite the room for a few days but it is now dry and ready for the room to be rebuilt.

It should be done by Thursday of this week – I am hoping that date will be kept.  As you might be able to tell from the pictures, the entire kitchen, living room and hallway floors have been removed leaving only the   and bedroom with the original flooring, well, the front hall and bathroom also kept their tile.  It is doubtful that they were be able to find a match in the flooring the doors will be the cut-off point.

I guess I am lucky in that none of my stuff was damaged.  I should have everything back in place by next weekend and life will return to normal.


Renovations, of sorts

Today, my kitchen gets ripped out.  The hot water tank that leaked last week left water under my floor and the low point in the house is in the kitchen.  The floor in the kitchen, part of the dining room and part of the living room will have to come up, the sub-floor needs to dry and then new flooring has to be put in.  The other issue is that the kitchen cabinets were put on top of the floor, normally, that would not cause a huge issue, but in this case, it means that the lower cabinets need to be removed so that the floor can be removed.  Fun.

The counter top is attached to the back-splash.  I am sure some of that will be damaged.  There is a box of extra tile that was left here, hopefully there is enough to repair the work.

This morning, I emptied out the lower cabinets, they were mostly empty, a few pots and pans, some small appliances.  I also have to clear the counter top, there is a microwave to move, a toaster oven and other small appliances.

I am sure this will be fun.  It is being torn out today and then the re-build starts on Monday. Hopefully all will be done by the end of next week.

A flood of my own

Although I now live in Upper Mount Royal, high above any of the flooding from last Spring in Calgary, I had a flood, of sorts, of my own.

I came home on Wednesday after work and was sitting, watching TV and I heard what sounded like water running.  I figure it was something outside, but I figured I would investigate.

I opened the door of the furnace room and the water relief valve on the hot water tank was leaking quite badly.  I grabbed a bucket to catch the water.  I called my landlady – no answer.  Well, not unusual, she may have been work, she’s in real estate.  I texted – she typically replies fairly quickly to that.  Nothing.  I called again, a few times.  Texted again – no reply.  I decided to email her.

She replied – from her vacation in the Caribbean.  She We got would send over the emergency plumber right away – he arrived within 20-30 minutes.  We got the water turned off and the tank drained to below the relief valve level. OK, I can deal without water for the night and I could shower the next morning.  I would have to zip out and get the dogs some water for the morning – no problem.

I was just about to go to bed around 9:30pm when a knock came to my door.  Two guys to replace the hot water tank – apparently, the old tank was just that, old, and not worth fixing.  They didn’t have a convenient way to drain the rest of the water from the old tank so they got it out, with some difficulty.  In comes the new tank, installed and ready to go within 20 minutes.  Nice.

Unfortunately, a fair amount of water had made its way under the floor, there is a membrane between the concrete and the floor and it had run down to the lowest level of the floor, in the kitchen and was coming up between the floor boards.

On Sunday, my landlady came over to take a look.  The floor has a “wave” in it – not good.  Yesterday, after work, an insurance adjuster and a contractor came over to survey.  There is quite a lot of water under the floor, according to his device which checks for moisture.

A large swath of the floor is going to have to come up.  The entire kitchen and about half of the living room, at least.  The floor is also under the kitchen cabinets, so, guess what – they have to come out as well.  Won’t that be fun?

Anyway, all this is going to happen fairly quickly as mold will start to grow.  I won’t have a functioning kitchen for a bit, likely a week at least.  I also hope that they can match the flooring.  Right now, it looks quite nice – hopefully it will be fixed that way.

Let the fun begin…


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