Picked up another coach for my AAA baseball team. A former player who coached in the single A league last year wanted to coach with his former club. Good news there, we were a little low on coaches. 

There is a coaches meeting this afternoon. No baseball workouts for me today. I threw batting practice yesterday and if I threw again today, it would not end well. So, instead, I am going to try, what I am told is the best pizza place in Calgary. 

I have had a tough time finding good pizza since I’ve moved here. Dominos is not the same, not quite anyway, from what it is in Ontario.  So, I am trying Atlas Pizza. It is way in the east end of the city so hopefully it is worth the 30 minute drive from my place.

On the coaching front, we only have a few more weeks to decide on the AA/AAA split for the teams. Most of the positions are decided, we still have a few spots to iron out. One of the new recruits might be able to fight his way to the AAA club in favour of one of the guys who played AA last year. I don’t necessarily like to do that, but we are trying to field the best teams possible. With so many players graduating or going elsewhere for baseball or other sports, we have a lot to replace on the AAA club. Tough decisions for sure.

I guess that’s another weekend, almost in the books. Next weekend will be 4 days with the Easter holiday. I took the Monday for good measure and plan on enjoying it. 

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A new look, a new title…

I changed up the look and feel of the blog.  I changed the title as well.  I guess I am no longer publishing a “gospel”.  Oh well.

I like the new look.  I have had the old “modern grunge” I think it was called for ages.  I don’t know what this one is called but it was time for a change.

You can have the banner picture at the top change automatically.  I took the current picture when I was in Canmore, Alberta.

I also also re-registered kevindarcy.ca.  It links into kdarcy21.com.  I inquired on purchasing the darcy.ca domain name.  I should have purchased it way back when I worked for an ISP and the .CA domain registration process was changing, this would have been in the late 90’s or 2000 perhaps, a long time ago anyway.  I didn’t.  Oh well.  So, the owner or broker of the domain came back and wanted $18,000 for darcy.ca.  Really?  I replied back that if I had $18,000 floating about that I wouldn’t be spending it on a domain name.  Insanity.

So, I have registered my name anyway.  Not 100% sure why.  I also setup email on it, it is email@kevindarcy.ca, go ahead, send me an email.  I thought that kevin@kevindarcy.ca was a bit redundant.

Anyway, if you are reading, hopefully you like the new look.  Let me know what you think.

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March Break time

Next week is March break in Alberta, some most school boards anyway. We had an indoor baseball workout yesterday and attendance was low, a lot of players are away. 

We only had a turnout of 10, expect a few more today for batting practice. We are seeing improvement week to week which is good. I am optimistic that the teams will be pretty solid this year. The AAA team may be a bit short of experienced pitching so we are going to have to develop some. The AA team is firming up nicely. I think we will have some quality pitching and other positions should be fine. 

We are scheduled to play in just over a month, that time will fly by. 

Going for breakfast, Denny’s, with the coaches today before batting practice. The weekends fly by, too busy back to work tomorrow. Well, gotta pay the bills so I gotta work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Well, had the league and team meetings tonight. The league meeting, as expected, was a tad boring and drawn out far too long. What was supposed to be 45 minutes turned into almost double that… Fun…

I kept the team meeting to around 15 minutes or so, right to the point. I had a few general questions, nothing out of the ordinary.

I am really looking forward to spring and the season getting under way. In just 5 weeks, we are scheduled to play a couple of games.

Here’s to a mild and dry April.

Oh, and by the way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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More on the baseball front…

We’ve had our first few indoor workouts for baseball and the players are looking pretty good.  It can be hard to tell how a player will hit just from using batting cages, but I am optimistic.  Fielding skills look to be solid.  I don’t have any players that shy away from the ball which is a good sign.  I do have a few that try to backhand a ball that they have plenty of time to get in front of, but that is fairly easy to fix.

I am told that the pitchers are looking solid.  I have not watched any bullpen sessions as yet but one of the other coaches has been working with the pitchers and the Technical Director for pitching has been out twice to work with the boys and has helped a lot.

The weather has been unusually warm, with the exception of yesterday when we woke up to 2″ of snow on the ground.  Most of that is gone now since it got to around 6C yesterday afternoon.  Spring is only a few days off.  Hopefully, winter is over and warm, dry weather will commence.

We are scheduled to play some exhibition games on April 25/26.  That is still 5 weeks off, but I can hope.

The league and team meetings happening tonight – I will get to meet the parents that I haven’t met as yet.  I am looking forward to a great summer of ball.

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Getting old, or something…

I have noticed recently when watching TV that the on-screen display is not quite as clear as I might like and I find I am squinting when trying to see it.  I have a 50″ LED TV in my living room and the living room is not that big.  I would guess that I am 10 or 12 feet away from the TV.  I have had the same prescription on my glasses since I was 16 years old.

Sadly, I am no longer 16 and neither are my eyes.  I have made an eye doctor appointment for today, my first eye doctor appointment since moving to Calgary.  I have actually not had an eye doctor appointment for a number of years.  Eye appointments stopped being covered by OHIP in Ontario a few years before I left – don’t understand why, who needs to have their eyes checked…

So, I am told that they will use those drops in my eyes that make the pupils HUGE.  I hate that.  I was told that I will be able to drive home at least.

I explained this to one of the Managers at work.  He suggested that instead of needing a new prescription that I needed a new TV.  A prescription is covered under my health spending account.  He told me to get the doctor to prescribe a larger TV and it would be covered.  Sounds like a good idea, I am sure that the insurance company wouldn’t agree.

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A schedule change

I am now starting 30 minutes earlier in the day. I am working 630am – 3pm. I had been taking a 30 minute lunch since I started working from home. For some reason, I now need to take an hour lunch. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but that’s ok. So, as opposed to working later, I start earlier.

I have to change my morning routine or rather adjust my timing. I am now getting up at around 515. Walk the dogs, make myself beautiful, make some coffee and start work. 

Shouldn’t be a big adjustment. Guess I will see. I do prefer to finish earlier so I think it’s going to work.

I had a chicken/spinach pizza tonight for dinner. Who the hell decide to put spinach on a pizza? Yick. It was a McCain, I think, wasn’t very good, even without the spinach. I need to find a good frozen pizza, it seems to be a task that I can’t accomplish. Any suggestions?

Anyway, seeing as I am getting up so early, I may need to hit bed earlier… Is 9pm too early? Probably…


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Getting ready

Workouts started yesterday for the upcoming baseball season. We are using a new facility in the south-east industrial area of Calgary, it is called the Coyote Den. It is an old warehouse and is about 100′ wide and 150′ deep, I would guess anyway. There is a batting cage area, bullpens and a large infield. The roof is around 30′ high I would guess so we can do a lot of work inside to get ready.

Most of the new draftees were there yesterday. The talent pool looks pretty good, I am optimistic. I hit a crap-load of ground balls yesterday and am a little sore today. Using muscles that have been mostly dormant all winter… Today we are in the cages, I will be throwing some BP (batting practice) so there will be more sore muscles tomorrow. We are also using the bullpens to get players starting to pitch. It is still very early so we need to take it slow. 

I am really looking forward to the upcoming season. Bring on spring.

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Buying stuff online

I made a purchase recently of some baseball gear online.  It was from a US web site, I don’t think there is a Canadian web site that sells what I was looking for.  In US dollars, the prices were pretty good.  I bought a flex-fit hat for $23 and a cage jacket (for baseball) for $59.  With tax, duty and shipping, it came to $117 USD, still not that bad.  Converted to Canadian, $157 right now with the crappy exchange rate.  Wow.

There was also a deal on the web site, FREE Shipping, use code FREE when you check-out.  Well, naturally, it doesn’t apply to Canadian orders.  At least it was a bulk shipping rate of $12.

I would have been a lot further ahead if I could have purchased this stuff from a Canadian web site, but I couldn’t find one.  Now I will wait for my shipment to arrive from the US.  I would guess it will be at least a week or two before it arrives.

Looking forward to the Canadian dollar climbing a bit I guess.  Since I am no longer so close to the US border, I don’t really pay attention to the exchange rate, didn’t realize it was so low.

Oh well.  Can’t wait for my stuff to arrive.  :)

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Happy Birthday Blondie

Today is my dog Blondie’s birthday. I am not one of those insane dog owners who has a party for my dog. My insanity ends at a post on Facebook and an entry on my blog with her picture.


Happy 4th Birthday Blondie !!!

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