Baseball, work and Ontario…

I started working out at GoodLife Fitness.  We have a Corporate deal through work, it comes to $48 per month which is pretty darn good. We have access to all of the GoodLife Fitness locations in Canada as well.

I went in last Friday for my sign-up and orientation.  I chose a club relatively near my place, about a 5 minute drive, depending on traffic.  Once I get into a bit better shape, I can easily ride my bike there and back. The hours are pretty accommodating, they are open 24/4 (Monday early morning until Friday night at 8pm) and then open 12 hours over the weekends. Since I get off work at 3pm, I am thinking that is going to be a good time to go. It isn’t overly packed, have not had to wait for any equipment as yet, we will see.

They have a lot of equipment, a large facility and lots of classes scheduled all the time. One nice feature is the massage chairs that they have in a lounge area, that is pretty well worth the monthly membership right there.

My new doctor wants me to lose weight and start to eat better. I guess at my age, I should listen to him. I don’t want issues later on in life. He sent me for all of the regular blood tests a few weeks back – cholesterol was a bit high, can be brought down with a regular diet, same with blood sugar. I also went for a stress test. It went well, I was a little tired afterwards. Results came back OK, no worries on me starting to work out, so that was great.

I am going to make it a 5-6 day thing. I will do cardio daily, stationary bike and elliptical and alternate weights – one day on upper body, the next on lower body. I have no interest in getting huge, just want to tone a bit, lose some weight and be healthy – good goals, I would think.  I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in December and I plan on showing some results.

On the baseball front – the season is just about over, even though it is early July.  We have played 21 games at this point, not a great record but it has been a pretty good season. We have a game tonight and the season wrap-up on Tuesday. One game doesn’t look like it’ll be made-up. Doesn’t mean anything to the standings anyway. We have a one game play-down to determine who gets into the play-offs on Friday the 10th – it is a do or die game, the winner proceeds to the play-offs, the loser is out. We don’t know who our opponent will be as yet – either the Indians or Giants. We play both of those teams in our last two games.  Should be exciting.

We finish in July so that families can take the month of August for vacation time. It seems to work pretty well. Everything will be wrapped up by the middle of July for the AA’s and the end of the month for the AAA’s.  The AAA’s have to win the last few games to get the last play-off spot. It might all come down to the last regular season game against the Angels.  I wish both teams the best of luck.

The 2015 season was interesting, to say the least.  We had a few controversies on both teams but all in all, it was pretty good. I am looking forward to play-offs, Fall ball and another season of baseball next year. I have also decided I am done umpiring for CABUA. I might umpire the odd game for Baseball Alberta, not sure though, I don’t have a lot of free time.

I am off work until Monday, a total of 5 days off. Wednesday was Canada Day, of course (Happy Canada Day to everyone, even if it is a day late) and Friday is Stampede Day in Calgary so the office is closed.  I am taking today off as a personal day – we get two per year. I am enjoying the time off.  Juyl and August tend to be a litter slower at work, hopefully that will ring true.  We have hired a bunch of new staff recently though so hopefully that will also help with the load of work.

It will be September in no time and my trip to Ontario will be here.  Looking forward to the visit.

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A reply, from the umpires?

Wow.  I almost fell over, but I actually got a reply from the umpires association.  I was surprised, to say the least.  I was not surprised that they took the side of the umpire in question except for the ejection, had it been valid, I still would have been able to coach the second game because we are not subject to suspension.

Anywhere, here is the reply (I have corrected spelling and grammar errors and removed named, except my own – I also like how he thinks my name is Darcy, I cover that in my reply to him, which will be my last email to the Umpire Association):

Good morning Darcy.

Since I receive many ejection reports from multiple leagues over the course of the season they all start to run together so I’m attempting to go by memory. But if I’m not mistaken this is the second ejection that you have been associated with in where you felt the need to send out a response. Basically that just turns into a he said she said. The proper channels for managers/coaches is to correspond directly with BABE RUTH and the umpires send me their reports directly to me.  CABUA and Babe Ruth then try to have cooler heads attempt to sort things out. Proper channels should be followed. I am at a loss however to understand why you felt the need to cc several people when this should have been sent to BABE RUTH and in my opinion things should be kept in house. Usually I wouldn’t respond directly but since you took the time out to include me in this,  I’ll give you my take on things.

1) As I would have expected there is a time discrepancy in the two reports in regard how much time elapsed between the end of the game and an attempt to agree upon a starting time for the following game. The truth probably lies some where in the middle. Bottom line is that the plate umpire from the first game decides the starting time of the second game. Common sense and co-operation usually come into play, apparently in this incident that wasn’t the case, probably by both parties. Although I have no hard and fast evidence, it’s my personal opinion is that you and the UMPIREhave “some sort of history” and wound up calling each other “fucking idiots” and things escalated from there. Again; you probably both are equally at fault. Hey, but I wasn’t there.

2) The rule book doesn’t specifically layout how much time is required between double headers but here are my “general guidelines”. How much time does it take to obtain new baseballs, get the base umpire into his plate gear, how long does it take grounds keepers to do any between game work and can starting pitchers have enough time to warm up between games? This generally takes 1/2 hour give or take 5 minutes. Umpires can usually change gear and managers usually have time to fill out line ups. Having a “BBQ lunch” or having lunch has zero bearing. If the players feel the need to grab something to eat and can do so in the allotted time, great, but this plays absolutely no part in deciding the starting time of the second game, unless specifically brought to the attention of the assigner and provisions were made prior to assigning the games to let the umpires know in advance that special time guidelines would be used. You can eat prior to the game or after but there’s no tea time in baseball.

I would also like to add that umpires, especially plate umpires, do not have the luxury of seeking shade or sitting down between innings when the weather is 30c+. I did a men’s double header yesterday and my main objectives was to get the games done as quickly as possible while still doing it professionally. Time between innings can easily add 15-20 minutes to a game. In my situation we went to extra innings during the first game and due to heat etc. we agreed upon a 40 minute time frame. But usually 30 minutes.

3) Ejections between games are valid and are subject to the provisions set out between CABUA and Babe Ruth. We specifically covered this at the pre-season coaches meeting. It was agreed upon that Babe Ruth would use my suggestion that any coach that was ejected during a game would not have to serve a one game suspension but any post game ejections would be dealt with by Babe Ruth on a case by case basis to insure that umpires were not subjected to a barrage of verbal abuse leaving the field because players, coaches or fans felt that just because the game was over they had a free shot to get in anything that they felt like. That being said; Dave came into the picture later in the season and probably wasn’t aware of the guideline of not having to serve a game suspension. Thus he felt that any ejection between games would be served at the following game. Its my opinion that if I had an ejection between games, I would fill out a report to alert BABE RUTH of what transpired and since the line up cards were not handed in to the plate umpire for the second game, that manager would be allowed to be on the field for the second game and any suspensions due to the first transgression would be handled by BABE RUTH. So I’m in agreement that you should have been in attendance for the second game.

4)  Again I’m going from memory but if I’m not mistaken this the second time you’ve made mention of how the Rockies are always getting “questionable or obvious calls going against the Rockies.”

Really; you’re going to use the “umpires don’t like us ” conspiracy?  Yeah; ….like I get up in the morning and say to myself” Hmmn, I have the Rockies tonight, now how can I screw them over?”  Your credibility comes into question after that one.

Moving forward please have all responses go through BABE RUTH.

So, some of that was dripping with sarcasm, mainly the last two paragraphs.  I can live with that, I have been known to use sarcasm from time to time.  Although he asked for all responses to go through BABE RUTH, I rarely listen and replied directly to him. I consider the case closed now, the Umpires Association is not going to do anything, I am sure. They likely won’t even speak to the umpire in question…  Babe Ruth considers it closed.  I don’t know, don’t really care, if my ejection stands or not.  I am sure a report was filed, if so, I have not yet received a copy of it, Babe Ruth may not have received a copy of it either.  Oh well.  Here is my reply:

Thank you for your reply, I didn’t actually think I would get one, it is appreciated.  For the record, my name is Kevin, last name is D’Arcy.  :)

Yes, the UMPIRE and I do have some history – until recently, I would have considered him a friend.
I copied BABE RUTH on the email – when I asked BRP how I should handle it, he said I could either email him and BRTD or email CABUA directly, I chose to email CABUA directly.  The other CC’s on the email were the Rockies coaches so that they were aware that I had sent an email.  I also later sent the email to the Rockies parents so that they were aware as well, there were some pretty pissed off parents.
I understand that eating a BBQ lunch isn’t taken into consideration.  The issue that I had was that the UMPIRE wanted to start the game in 13 minutes which is not enough time to get the second pitcher ready, never mind a line-up.  I also understand about umpires between games, I am an umpire myself.
I would agree that an umpire from the first game could eject me from the game after the game, but an umpire for the second game would not have that authority.  Also, if I was ejected after the first game, I would indeed be able to manage the second game.
I don’t think I’ve made reference to the Rockies being unfairly treated, I also don’t believe that I have disputed my previous ejection – he was well within his rights to eject me.  In this case, it was obvious to everyone involved that the UMPIRE was using his feeling towards my conduct again our players.  If you don’t believe that happened then perhaps you might want to pull off whatever blinders you might be wearing.
In general, I have been very happy with the quality of the umpires CABUA provides and in most cases, it is better umpiring than what I saw in Ontario.  There is the odd case when an umpire is having a bad day or is, perhaps, umpiring over their head.
Thanks again for the reply.  I do appreciate it.  Perhaps I will see you at a Rockies game in the future.  Take care.
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Ejected from what, exactly?

Saturday was double-header day for the AA Rockies. We faced the Giants again and played 5 great innings and trailed after 5 complete by a score of 10-8, not too bad at all.

Then, the sixth inning occurred and we gave up 11 runs. The game finished 21-8, perhaps it was 21-9, one run doesn’t matter in this case.

The game finished late as the preceding game also finished late.  We had a BBQ between games that we graciously offered the visiting Edmonton team to join in – they accepted, last week and did bring beverages and then, come BBQ time, the coaches did want their players to eat before the game.  Well, perhaps if that was the case, you could have declined so that we didn’t purchase and cook enough food for 2 teams plus all the parents.  Thanks.  Seems like a stereo-typical thing that someone from Edmonton might do – it was pretty damn ignorant, if you ask me.

As we were just starting the BBQ, the umpire for the next game approached me and told me the game would start at 4pm, as scheduled.  It was 3:47 when he said this – I told him we would not have time to eat and be ready to play for 4.  He again said it would start at 4. The conversation escalated until he threatened to eject me.  Eject me from what, I asked, there is no game happening at the moment.

Now, for those of you who are not overly familiar with baseball, the umpire does not take charge until line-up cards are presented. He “ejected” me 6 or 8 minutes after the conclusion of the previous game, which I will add that he WAS NOT involved with.

At approximately 4:20pm, both umpires came to the diamond. Again, I was told to leave as I had been ejected.  Again, I asked ejected from what?  I also commented that the umpire was out of uniform, he was wearing a red hat – he left to put on a proper hat.

Ground rules came, I went to the plate and was told to leave.  I refused, he called a forfeit.  Fine with me.  One of the Edmonton coaches had already told me that I could umpire and use a parent on the bases.  The game meant nothing to us, we will finish no higher than 4th place and the Edmonton team is not eligible for playoffs.  The other coach though refused to play a game unless “real” umpires were involved.  Well, I can umpire circles around the umpire that was being an ass-hat.  However…

I spoke with my team and asked them what they wanted me to do. I could either leave and they could play a “fun” game since we already forfeited or I could stay and we likely couldn’t play a game.  They chose, 8-5 that I leave – no hard feelings and some didn’t seem to want to vote, I told them not to worry.  I would go home, take a nice cool shower and relax.

So, I left, the umpires returned and the game went on.  Before I left, I asked my team to at least win since I was leaving for them.  They said they would, they lied. We lost, 16-4 in 5 innings.  Not our best outing, for sure.

This morning, I filed the following report to the Umpires Association, CABUA – I sent it to the President and VP.  I don’t expect a reply:

Good morning,

Yesterday, the AA Rockies had a double-header at Glenmore Park, 1PM and 4PM.  The first game was late finishing and we ended up starting game 1, 20 minutes late, 1:20PM.  That game proceeded without incident, the two umpires did a good job of officiating the game.   The UMPIRE was NOT one of the umpires involved in game 1.
After the game finished,  the UMPIRE approached me outside of the diamond and told me we would be starting at 4PM as scheduled – it was 3:47PM.  I told him we could not be ready that quickly, we needed more time.  The boys had just started eating a BBQ lunch.  He said he didn’t care, we were starting on time.  I again said we would not be ready – I was told to be ready.
The situation escalated a bit and some yelling between the UMPIRE and I occurred. He warned me that if I continued, I would be ejected – I asked ejected from what?  There is no game at the moment.  A few seconds later, he ejected me, from what, I am not sure.
I proceeded to eat lunch and make a line-up for the next game.
At 4:20PM, the umpires appeared on the field, the UMPIRE was out of uniform, wearing a red Okotoks Dawgs hat.  He told me to leave the field as I had been ejected, I told him, again, that I can’t be ejected from nothing.  I would quote MLB Rules, 4.01(d) (Starting and Ending a Game) and 9.01(d) (The Umpire).  I told  that he was out of uniform – he left the field to get a proper hat.
When he returned, I proceeded to the plate for ground rules. I was again told to leave the field as I had been ejected – I again asked ejected from what – no answer from the umpire. The UMPIRE  then warned that if I did not leave, he would call a forfeit.  I told him to go ahead – he did, both umpires left the field.   The UMPIRE proceeded to argue with several of the Rockies parents as he left the park.
I had previously spoken to the Manager of the opposing team and told him I would umpire so we could play a “fun” game since this one did not really matter in the standings.  Although the one coach agreed to that, the second coach did not and would not play any game without “real” umpires.
After some discussion with my team, I decided to leave the park so that the forfeited game could proceed with both umpires, which it did.  The umpires had mentioned to the opposing team that they would return, should I leave.
I am writing this email to you today so that you are aware of some of the issues that occur during the season that should not happen.  My ejection should not stand, I should have been able to coach that game.  Although this is second hand information, I was told by the coaching staff and several parents that the umpiring in the game was questionable with obvious calls going against the Rockies.  Frankly, that does not surprise me.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thank you for your time.
NOTE – I have replaced the umpire’s name with the UMPIRE in this post as to not embarrass him for his arrogance, lack of knowledge of baseball rules and, in general, for being a complete ASS HAT.  Up until yesterday, I would have considered him a friend – apparently, he is not.  Comments from others about him have proven to be true.  I previously thought that an ex-umpire from the Niagara Region was the worst I have ever seen, that, it seems, has been proven wrong.  Oh well, no loss here – hopefully we will NOT meet again.
If I do happen to receive a reply from CABUA – A) I will be shocked and will likely fall over and B) I will post it here, again, with names removed.  To my faithful readers, don’t hold your breath…
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Last night, the AA Rockies played one of the best games of the season, over 7 innings. We held a lead for part of the game and then fell behind 6-5. In the bottom of the 7th, we scored on a stand up double to tie it up. We nearly won it on the next play – a drive to left field that if it had been a few inches higher, the ball would have sailed into deep left field and the runner on second would have easily scored.  It is, often, a game of inches.

Alas, that was not to be.  The left fielder caught the ball sending the game to extra innings. A first for one of my teams in a long, long time.

The Angels have a potent offence. They scored a total of 8 runs in the 8th to go up 14-6. They scored 4 of those runs on squeeze plays. We were low on experienced pitchers unfortunately – they guys that came in stepped up to the plate, or the mound I guess and did their best but it wasn’t meant to be.

We got shut out in the bottom of the 8th to end up losing 14-8. Still, a lot of positives in the game. We turned a few double plays.  We hit pretty well, along side of striking out a total of 11 times (4 called third strikes) so there is still a lot to work on.

So, up until the end of the 7th, one of the best games I have ever been involved with, really.  I am sure there are others, but this one being fresh, stands out.  I am sure I will forget it by the end of the season.

We hit the diamond again on Saturday for a double-header.  Weather is supposed to be gorgeous, temps in the upper 20’s, low 30’s, no humidity. A rained out game has been rescheduled for Sunday.  Too little notice though so I think we won’t be able to field a team. Waiting to hear back now.

The season is winding down. Unless we win out the remaining games this season, we will finish in 5th place which means we need to play a one game elimination game to determine who will go to the playoffs.  Right now, that game is against the Dodgers.  It could change and could be the Giants, or, if we win out and finish 3rd, the Dodgers and Giants would battle for the 4th playoff spot.  Regardless, we are in a tough spot. We do have a very young team though, so, this was expected to be more of a development year. They will be a much better team next season.

I am off work today. I have an orientation at GoodLife Fitness today at 11:30, lunch with a co-worker after that and the home opener for the Calgary Stampeders tonight. Going to be a good day and a good weekend. Enjoy yours.

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What’s been going on?

I haven’t posted in a few days, it has been fairly busy.

Sunday baseball, Father’s Day, was rained out.  The day itself was OK but we had way too much rain Saturday evening and overnight.  Another game to reschedule.

We had a good practice on Monday.  Great turnout as well, 13 players out. This team is a different creature than what I coached last year. We have most guys out to most practices which is nice. We can see improvement for sure.

Tuesday saw us play the Giants. We were previously winless against the Giants. We started out rough…  Our starting pitcher had trouble finding the strike zone. He walked a number of batters and we ended up giving up 3 runs. We bounced back though, nice to see the boys not give up.  He started the second with my lefty ready to go. He walked the leadoff batter on 4 straight balls so his day on the hill was over. We used 4 pitchers in total and battled all game. In the 7th, with a 5 run lead, the Giants continued to chip away. With some great defensive plays and timely offence from just about everyone, we held on for a 14-12 victory.

Wednesday was an off-day, nice having one of those. I didn’t do too much last night. Went to Dairy Queen with a friend. I bought Blondie a kiddie cone. Previously, she always had to share with Zeus. This was the first time she ever had one to herself. I have no idea how she could eat ice cream at that speed without getting brain freeze.

Today sees us playing the Angels in a make-up game that was rained out in May, re-scheduled originally for July then re-scheduled again for tonight. We’ve split games thus far, hopefully tonight will go to us.

I am also going in for a stress test today. I started with a new doctor and because of family history and what not, he wanted me to do all the regular tests. I need to lose weight, don’t we all? He wants me to drop 60 pounds in somewhere between a year and eighteen months. I start at GoodLife Fitness on July 1. I got my membership through work at a great price and there is a GoodLife pretty close to my place. As I get my legs back to shape, I plan on riding my bike there. I also want to get back into racquet ball. There is a City of Calgary facility not too far with racquet ball courts and they are only $6 per hour for the court so not too bad at all.

I am off tomorrow. Orientation at GoodLife in the morning and the Stampeders home opener in the evening. I bought season tickets this year, I am really looking forward to it. I was invited to the “New Season Ticket Holders Pre-Game Tailgate Party” and accepted – free food and drinks is ALWAYS a good thing. Hopefully the Stamps can return to the Grey Cup and take it home again.

The weekend sees, you guessed it, more baseball. A double header on Saturday with a team BBQ between games. We are playing the team from Edmonton and have invited them to join us. Should be a good time.

Anyway, enjoy what’s left of the week and, by the way, happy summer.

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Baseball and football – a good combo

Yesterday, my AA Rockies played the visiting team from Edmonton. They are trying to decide if the Babe Ruth league is ideal for them. They play a total of 8 games spread over a few weekends.  That was our first meeting.

It was a good game.  They scored 3 or 4 runs in the first inning, bunted the ball very well – they got their first 3 base runners on via bunt.  In our defence, we have not really practiced bunt defence since we do not typically see bunts in our league.  I am not sure why – I have always liked “small ball”.

We played well defensively, with the exception of not defending against the bunt. We pitched well too.  Offence was lacking.  We only scored one run and I believe it was in the top of the 7th.  We didn’t get shut out at least.

We face them again next weekend.  They are the back end of a double header. We also have invited them to a BBQ for before our game.  Hopefully the players will interact a bit, parents as well.  Can’t hurt.

Today is Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  We were supposed to play an evening game which is rare for a Sunday night. We had rain last night and early this morning, enough to cancel all games today.  I am sure that the fields would have been playable, had the city workers actually worked the field.  Knowing them, being city employees, they didn’t put much, if any, effort into getting the park ready.  Who knows…

So, that game will need to be rescheduled.

We are getting toward the end of the season, only a handful of games remain. All AA teams make the playoffs. The fifth and fourth place teams play a one game play off to determine who makes the playoff round and who doesn’t.  Currently, we sit in 5th. If we win a few more games and have some help (i.e. higher ranked teams losing), we might finish as high as 3rd which would make it so we are in the playoffs and not have to play the one game “winner take all” game on July 10.  I’d love to be in that position. If we play like we did the previous two games, we can do it. I hope so.

This is a busy week with games, 4 in total and a practice as well. It’ll zip on by, I am sure.

This is also the week of the home opener for the Calgary Stampeders and the first year I have ever had season tickets to anything.  I am looking forward to that too.

Have a good week !!!

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That’s the way we play…

Last night my AA Rockies team played the first place AA Angels. We have beaten them once, it was a come from behind thriller. I wasn’t really expecting a lot, we have tended to play a great game (like we did in Sunday in our last victory) and then we play a couple of stinkers. Well, that was the way it used to be.

Last night, we were firing on all cylinders. We were visiting and we scored a pair of runs in the top of the first. In the bottom half, we committed a couple of errors and the Angels tied it up. We didn’t, however, allow those errors to snowball into a larger issue. We kept plugging away, offence was great and the defence kept our opponents at bay.

Our starting pitcher went 4 innings and threw only 76 pitches, that was a season high pitch count and a season high for innings pitched. The reliever struggled a bit more, the strike zone was low and he was throwing a bit high but he did the job over 2 innings and we picked up the win.

After the game, the players, parents and coaches met and had a quick team meeting to discuss some ongoing issues and nip them in the bud. 

We face the new team from Edmonton late this afternoon and the Dodgers (I think) in the night cap tomorrow. I’m hoping for a couple of wins, especially tomorrow in honour of the Dads.  

If we continue to play like we are, it will be a good end of the season. Enjoy your weekend.

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Just an update…

Yesterday, I assisted one of the Partners in my office with the setup of his new home computer. A few hours of easy work and a nice pay day for providing the assistance. I might, one of these days, get myself a new home computer. I do enjoy playing games here and there, that is pretty well the only reason I would buy one. I could buy an X-Box or PlayStation, but a computer would actually be a bit cheaper.

Tonight, my AA team has batting practice, inside. It was a crappy day yesterday, good that we had the day off. Today isn’t supposed to be all that much better.  Hopefully the weekend weather will cooperate. My AAA team also plays tonight, weather permitting of course.

Not much else happening, it has been a relaxing few days. I am helping my friend move on Sunday. I get breakfast out of it, and a free couch bed. Good deal, I’d say.

I purchased Google Chromecast last night. It allows streaming from a laptop, tablet or phone to whatever TV it is connected to.  Does anyone rent movies any more?  I don’t.  I don’t even have a DVD player any longer.  I should get one, some day.  I do have a few DVD movies around here, somewhere. Digital movies are cheaper anyway.  I think I might need a larger external hard drive is all.

Enjoy your weekend, it is close, I can feel it.

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Baseball, politics, work…

We had a good baseball practice Monday.  Good attendance as well, which is always nice. Last year, we had major issues with players showing up. That isn’t an issue this year. We were missing 4 guys but they were all accounted for, school or work items. One of the technical directors was there to assist, we covered a lot.

Last night, we had an indoor workout, back at the Coyote Den. We had players throw in the bullpen and worked with catchers.

I was not there last night, a rare miss for me.  I had my first political meeting with the Calgary Centre Conservative EDA.  I am the secretary, a position that I find pretty easy to do. We were supposed to meet in a community centre but the person who was apparently supposed to book the hall didn’t, or the people who were supposed to open it didn’t do we were stuck outside. An outside meeting in the middle of June normally wouldn’t be so bad but it looked like rain. Someone suggested a new restaurant/bar very near to where we were.  Since it was new, they said it wouldn’t be busy.  It was packed. There was an empty coffee shop just down the street so we met there.  After I purchased a $5 vanilla latte, I took minutes. Good thing we were inside, it poured for 15 minutes and then, in typical Calgary fashion, was bright and sunny again. It was a good meeting, not a long one either which was nice.  Lots to do with an upcoming election.

Today is an off day from baseball. I am helping one of the Partners at work with his home computer, he got a new one and wants to move stuff from the old to the new. No problem.

The weather doesn’t look good for the next few days so the games scheduled may or may not go on. June is our rainy month, for sure. It is coming onto the third anniversary of the flood of 2012.  I am sure that will bring back some bad memories for many people.

July and the rest of the year will be dry, I am sure. We will get some games in. Have a good one.

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Rockies Win, Rockies Win, ROCKIES WIN !!!

Yesterday, my AA Rockies played the Dodgers.  We had not beaten them as yet, I don’t think we have even come close to beating them actually.

My starter did a fantastic job.  It was a pitchers duel to start the game. He threw only 27 pitches over 3 innings of play. We finally broke through and scored a pair of runs in the 4th inning, my starter lasted 4 2/3 innings and then the reliever finished the game.  The final score was 7-4, we gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th.

A great game to be sure. Pitching was excellent.  Good control, great pitch selection. The offence was good. We took advantage of the mistakes on defence and scored where we really needed to. The defence in the game, combined with what was likely our best pitching effort of the season is what won the ball game for us. We didn’t make errors, we stuck with it and pulled through, with flying colours.

It was a great team effort, for sure. I told them after the game that this is what we, as coached, know they can do every time.  They just have to go out and do it.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done, but perhaps they are starting to get it.

This week sees a lot of practices. Tonight, I added a practice to the schedule. Tomorrow, both teams are inside at the Coyote Den.  Wednesday, the AA’s take a day off and then have a batting session Thursday.  We see action again Friday and the weekend including our first outing against the new team from Edmonton.  Hopefully we fire on all cylinders.

The AAA team is still struggling. They took another bad loss on Sunday.  Hitting and errors seem to be their issues at the moment.  The AAA Manager gave his team pretty much the same speech that I have given my guys after their second game on Saturday. It seems that the coaches are on the same page at least.  We just need to get all of the players on that page and I think we will be good to go.

It is an off day for me, work wise anyway. Blondie is going to the groomers, I am re-arranging my home office and going for lunch. Should be a good day all around.  Hope you enjoy yours and the week.  :)

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