Almost baseball time…

The baseball off-season is almost done.  It has flown by, for sure.  We have a coaches meeting this weekend and we will start evaluations the first week of February.

I am looking forward to getting back to it.  My hibernation over the late fall and winter has been good, but it will be nice to be doing some baseball drills again.

We have to draft fairly deep this year, a lot of players graduated.  Hopefully the talent pool will be as good as I’ve heard, time will tell.

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The rest of December

It would appear that I have not made an entry since the beginning of the month, just after I moved into my new place.

Well, that doesn’t completely surprise me.  I typically hibernate this time of year.  It is my off-season from baseball and I don’t do a lot, including blog entries, apparently.

I am settled into the new place.  I like it, lot more room.  It is quiet and I have control of the heat.  All good things.  The dogs are settled and I think they like it as well.  There are a couple of dog parks in the area which is good for all of us.

Christmas has come and gone.  It was a cold Christmas day as well.  We went to one of the dog parks and nearly froze.  I had four days off around the holiday which was great.  Three days to work this week and then three days off for New Years.

Baseball starts back up with meetings in January and evaluations in February so I am sure I will start making regular entries here again.

If I don’t talk to you before, have a great New Years and all the best for a great 2016.

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Almost settled…

I’m pretty well settled into my new place, still have some organizing to do, mostly clothes. I still need to connect my washer and dryer as well, I’ll blame that on pure laziness on my part. Seeing as I need to do some laundry this weekend, that’ll be a priority tomorrow. I also need to put the legs on my dining room table. Everything else is pretty well done, which is good. I’ll also update my drivers license and vehicle registration tomorrow. There is a registry office within walking distance.

Blondie finally ended her huger strike, or whatever it was. I think she was protesting the move. She was eating biscuits and drinking water, so I wasn’t worried about her. Silly dog. Hera didn’t protest anything, what does a puppy have to protest, really?

The week at work has gone by pretty quickly, hopefully Friday will follow suit. I don’t have to work any crazy evening and weekend shifts over the holidays, although I volunteered. I’m ok with that, it’ll be fairly slow, the near downtime.

I’m still waking up very early which is odd, I typically hibernate this time of year. Perhaps this is the new norm. Perhaps I’ve already turned into a senior citizen. Oh well.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Almost all set and back to work…

I slept in a bit today.  Well, slept in under my standards.  I was awake at 4:15.  I am not sure why I have not switched over to “winter” mode, or more likely, “hibernation” mode.  I have for years.  I am actually OK with waking up early though, better than dragging myself out of bed and feeling like a zombie for ages.

The house is getting there, almost organized.  I still have to do a few things here and there and still have to unpack clothes, but pretty much everything else is done.  It is a good feeling.

The office is setup, I am back to work today.  I decided to locate my office in the basement.  I think it will be a good fit down here.  Telus was setup yesterday.  I have faster internet service, an upgrade for free for 6 months but over wireless, I am unable to take advantage of it.  So, I guess I will downgrade when the free “trial” is over.  I don’t have a computer near the router/modem so I will never be wired in.

I plan to walk the neighbourhood at lunch today with the dogs.  We hit a few dog parks in the area yesterday.  They are great for walking/hiking, but not enough open space to use the ChuckIt to throw the ball.  I will continue to explore and I am sure I will find one.

Back to work for me – enjoy your day.

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Will unpacking and organizing EVER end?

I was up a tad earlier than I might like today, before 3am. Typically, this time of year I have to drag myself out of bed before I start work. Perhaps it is my subconscious knowing all the work I still need to do. I’ve made a great dent in the unpacking though. The number of boxes remaining is less than half of what I started with.

Telus is scheduled to install today, arrival between 8-9. Seeing as it is the first appointment of the day, I’d guess they’ll be here at 8am. They are typically pretty good.

My office is setup and ready to go. We were moving the desk in on Saturday and my original plan of bringing it to the 4th floor seemed a daunting one. I then thought that in the summer, with south facing windows, the bedrooms there were going to get warm. The basement is now home to my office. It will be cooler in the summer and it is carpeted which will be nice in the winter. Also, if I get bored while working, I can always relax in the sauna. I think it’ll work out well. If, for some odd reason I don’t like it, I can always move things back upstairs as well.

I’ve explored the area a bit, shopping is close by, so are off leash dog parks. The area is quite nice.

Well, back to some more unpacking. Enjoy your week.

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The move…

I woke up yesterday at 3am, sort of typical for me, really. Got up, regular routine really. Dogs out, make coffee, Kevin out. Well, I’m housebroken and can use the toilet…

Had the last few items to pack up and a couple of things to disassemble.

I left at 815 to pick up the u-haul. No issues picking it up and got home around 915. Started to load up the 17′ truck. I can’t thank my two friends enough for assisting in the move. SS, we are even now, I helped you move, now you’ve returned the favour. CH, I owe ya bud.

We were loaded up by 1130 or so, maybe a bit before that and we headed to Ranchlands. As expected, the unload was WAY faster than the load. Loading a moving truck is sort of like playing a game of Tetris. We did a good job loading too. It was packed, front to back, top to bottom.

Nothing was damaged in the move, that’s great. Well, we all suffered minor hand damage, cuts and what not. None of my stuff was damaged, how’s that?

So, we unloaded them hit Edo up for a bite to eat. There aren’t a lot of restaurants around me, a few, but we wanted something quick.

I then had to return the truck and pick up my dogs who likely thought they’d been abandoned in a nearly empty house. Both were happy to see me return. Hera went and “hid” in the backyard, took some coaxing to get her to come back to the truck for the voyage back to the new place. I had a load of mostly clothes to bring back, the entire back area was full.

I unloaded as quickly as I could and then we headed back to grab some more stuff and to sweep the place out. A cleaner (or possibly cleaners) are coming in today but the dust bunnies and fur bunnies from having two dogs running around had to be swept up. I think I will make it a point to move the couch, on a monthly basis (at least) to sweep under there. I could have knit a new dog, I’m sure.

We were back by 8pm. Dinner was a sub, I was not going to undertake any cooking. I unpacked a few items, set up the bedroom and crashed. I’m sorta surprised I’m up so early today, it is 430, been up an hour already.

So, I sit here, at 430 drinking my first coffee in the new place. Each time I go to the garage, I see the work ahead of me. A daunting task, but one I hope to have completed by tomorrow.

I think I’m going to love it here. The place is great. I will get used to the stairs, so will the dogs. I also need to explore the dog parks in the area. The Superstore is about 5km away, pretty close and much easier to get to them the Superstore near my old place. Walmart is a little further away but in the same general area. Walmart will be my first stop this morning. I aim to get there for opening, 7am. Then, back to the old place to pick up the last few items, throw out some garbage and bid it a fond farewell.  The move out inspection is tonight at 6pm. Hopefully I’ll be getting my entire security deposit back, can’t see why not, there is no damage.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride. Now, enjoy your Sunday. :-)

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Moving day is here…

Today is moving day. It seems that I’ve been waiting for this day for ages. It has actually only been less than a month and and half since I signed the lease on the new place. I looked at quite a few places this time around, I didn’t rent the first place I saw.

I think I’ve made a good decision. I’m going to have more than enough room, that’s for sure. There are several off leash parks to take the dogs to, within walking distance. Shopping is close. I will get to learn a new quadrant of the city.

I was off of work for half of the day Thursday and all day Friday. I was able to get everything packed and organized for my move. I just need to take the legs off of my dining room table and disconnect my tv. I pick up the U-Haul at 9am. I received a confirmation email from them yesterday around dinner time. They had changed my pickup location. I was supposed to pick it up way out in the middle of nowhere, now it is much closer to my current place. The move should be done by 1 then the fun of unpacking will begin.

Well, enough of my break, back to it. Enjoy your weekend.

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The new place…

I did the move-in inspection for the new place yesterday morning.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report, the place is in good shape.  The owner has installed new taps in the bathroom and a replacement tap and shower head in the shower.  The place has been cleaned and looks good, ready to move in.

The fridge and stove look new.  Fridges are a pain in the butt to clean, I know from experience.  They did a nice job.

He showed me where the furnace filter needs to be changed from and how to adjust the on-demand hot water system.  It will be nice to be able to do laundry, wash dishes and shower at the same time, if I wanted to.  I am typically never quite that busy though.

The furnace has been serviced and the ducts cleaned.  The fireplace has also been cleaned and serviced.  It is a wood burning fireplace with an interesting gas lighter that they don’t use any more.  Will make lighting a fire a much easier process.  I doubt that I will use it all that often, but who knows, if we have a cold winter, I might use it here and there.

The owner has left some furniture in the place, all stuff that I can use for sure.  One bedroom has a single bed and two dressers which will come in handy, should anyone want to visit.  I might move it into the other room and use the current “spare” bedroom as my office – I have to see which room is larger.

The master bedroom is huge, will easily house a king size bed, should I ever purchase one.  It won’t be cramped at all like my current bedroom is.  The kitchen is also huge, lots of counter space, more cupboard space than I will know what to do with as well plus a nook area and separate dining room.  Space will not be a problem in the new place, that is for sure.

I brought Blondie and Hera with me yesterday.  It will be their place as well so they might as well explore.  They ran all over, likely wondering why were in someone’s empty house.  They will have to get used to stairs in the house, currently we are all on one level.  I think though, as long as they are with me, they won’t care where we live.

Move in day is Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.

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I’ll take my cheese burrito now please…

As I have likely reported, my German Shepherd, Hera, has epilepsy.  She is perfectly healthy otherwise and her seizures are completely controlled by the medication that she is on.  I would tell you what it is, but I can’t spell it, I can’t even say it.  Even if I had the name of it right in front of me.  Anyway, it is the same medication that you or I would take if we had epilepsy.

It costs me about $1.25 per day for her pills, maybe a bit less.  She was at the vet about a month ago to test her blood levels and she was fine – the amount of medication was perfect.  She takes 150mg twice per day, 8am and 8pm.

When I first adopted her, I had a small supply of pill pockets which are beef flavoured soft biscuits essentially.  Well, they cost around 40 cents each.  A bit expensive.  Not that she isn’t worth it, but I switched to Kraft cheese slices.  So, at least I don’t but the cheap cheese slices.  She gets her 5 pills wrapped up in a cheese/pill burrito.  Blondie gets a quarter cheese slice as well, sans the pills because, well, if you’ve ever had dogs, what one gets, the other had better well get, or you will have issues.

She has never given me a hard time about taking her pills, never spit one out which is awesome.  Zeus wouldn’t take a pill under any conditions, he’d spit them out, just to spite me I am sure.  I’d end up having to hold his mouth open and throw the pill to the back, he’d choke a bit and swallow it.  Poor guy…

There is a chance that Hera will outgrow her seizures, time will tell.  I wonder what I will do if that happens – she knows when it is 8am and expects her cheese slice.  Maybe I will just continue to give her the cheese, can’t hurt.

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Almost time to move…

Just over a week until I move. I am fairly well prepared. A majority of the packing can’t really be done until a day or two before I move. I am off for half of the Thursday and all day Friday so that’ll be plenty of time to get all of the packing done. Not my favourite job in the world, that’s for sure.

I’ve been in this place to two years. It is a pretty good place really. Cool in the summer since it is a basement suite, stays warm in the winter. Having neighbours above your head when it is wood floors isn’t ideal. An apartment building would have concrete floors, a lot quieter. I will only have a neighbour on one side in the new place, similar to the first place I lived in when I moved to Calgary. Having a garage will be good too, not having to clear the truck of snow and ice will be nice.

The move shouldn’t take any longer than 2.5 – 3 hours and I think we can do it all in one load. I have a 19′ truck for the day. I will bring a bunch of smaller stuff over with my truck so it should be a smooth move.

Well, this week is almost over. Already Thursday. No real plans for the weekend, other than the move in inspection of the new place on Sunday. I think I’ll use a bit of time on Saturday to get whatever else I can pack packed. Or not… I guess it depends on how lazy I am. :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, th weekend is almost here.

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